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  1. After defeating the druids and their animals (bears, tigers and boars), I take all the gear from the dead bodies of soldiers, people, druids and animals. All Sakuya is empty. Then, when I enter to a building and exit again, I find Sakuya is plenty of life, with people in the streets.


    My question is: how the 2 merchants (those who are close to the workshop) reappear if they are supposed (I think) that they were killed by the druids and the beasts?

  2. I've updated the first post of this poll writting some conclusions.


    If Obsidian is interested in creating PoE3, a poll like this has a great importance. Watching the poll, I'm sure the success of PoE3 will vary significanly depending on the region they choose.


    Choosing Rauatai instead of the Living Lands for instance, would be a bad move.

  3. Update: 100 votes casted (thanks for participating :dancing:) and we can take some important conclusions:


    1 The Living Lands region has no rival. 4 of each 10 players voted this region. That's too much having 7 options avaiable to choose. The second options (Aedyr and White that Wends) only have a 16%.


    2 Players want to travel to new areas outside the Eastern Reach.


    3 Players don't want to travel to unknown regions not mentioned in the Lore.


    I hope devs take this into account :biggrin: .

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  4. Hello Obsidian. I'm having a lot of fun at this moment with PoE2.


    I've created a 43 pages manual with interesting rules for an hypotetic Battle Brothers 2 and I'd like to send it to Josh because I know he likes Battle Brothers and he knows a lot about game's rules and he was interested in creating a turn-based game.


    I don't know how to send it to him, so, could you tell me an adress? Thanks in advance.

  5. I've found Caedman Azo too in PoE2 and I think I killed him in PoE1.


    Is this issue fixed at this moment?


    Loading a saved game, in my PoE1 journal appears the next entry: "I received the key from the north ward Azo. He was not pleased to give it."


    Does that mean that I didn't kill him?


    Updated: I loaded a saved game and returned to the sanitarium and I left him alive. All is correct in my case.

  6. My last question :biggrin::


    If I download the game today and I play it on VETERAN difficulty, Will I find at least some challenging battles at 1.1?


    I mean challenging battles as those battles that you must reload your saved game after being defeated and think what strategy you must follow in order to defeat the group of foes.


    Thanks in advance

  7. The problem is not about PotD, is about balance in all the difficulty settings.


    I don't like PotD becasue it should be of extreme difficulty and I don't want to play 10 times the same battle in order to succeed on it.


    I played once PoE on hard difficulty (because hard must mean challenging) 2 days after its release, and I found only 4-5 challenging battles in all the entire game. The rest was extremely easy. I finished the game without the necessity of using the majority of spells or buff potions/meals because I didn't need them.


    I remember old IE games where you appreciated when one member of your party raised one level (amazing sensation) or you find a new better weapon, and you played incredible challenging battles. In PoE I didn't feel that. Anyway PoE was great because of the setting, the art, music, the plot, etc. A wonderful experience.


    I'm reading the guidebook of PoE2 and I love it, but I'll wait some months to see PoE2 balanced and importing savedgames working properly.


    Thank you very much for your answers.

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