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  1. To play or not to play it, that's the question. I'll wait until people say "this game is playable until the end and there aren't serious bugs".


    The day of the release, I'll open the next thread: "Is the game playable or is better to wait?"


    Betatesters and Obsidian are doing a great task improving the game and delaying its release, so I'm cofident we will have a solid game in the release.

  2. I've seen in combats of some games, that enemies don't take into account penalties for disengagement, trying to reach one combatant and suffering lots of damage from other people close to the stupid enemy, who results dead  even before reaching the goal.


    I've seen this, for example in Expeditions conquistador: enemies tried to reach my doctor (weaker than the rest of my group, being in the rear of my party) suffering a big deal damage from my warriors. I've seen this recently in Age of Wonders 3 too.


    This stupid behaviour ruins the realism of combat. Watching that in Pillars of Eternity there are disengagement penalties, I hope AI will be enough smart in order to avoid those disengagement penalties.


    A very low level cap..... 12. A major off put is the caps.


    I like developing my character.

    Maybes many moons from now a person would mod the game.


    It's entirely a matter of how much you advance at each level. Yes, if you're used to a game like WoW, 12 is pretty low. But this isn't WoW. The early gold box game Pool of Radiance had a level cap of 8. Baldur's Gate had a level cap of 7; then 9 with the Sword Coast expansion. 12 seems pretty decent by comparison, plus we'll be getting the expansion later on.


    I prefer low level caps for a first game. In my opinion, slow levelling pace is better, because you can taste better any time one member gains a level. I remember Baldur's Gate: I loved the moments when I saw a yellow cross in my characters's portraits :dancing:. Furthermore, in the PoE expansion we can continue progressing with higher levels.


    On the other hand, in Icewind Dale 2, there were too many levels that I didn't care if a warrior was at level 18 or 20. The levelling up pace was so high that I didn't enjoy the level-up feature in this game.

  4. Personally i'm hoping that the expansion simply builds on what we explore in the main game, a new area perhaps (exotic and interesting hopefully) but also access to the old areas so that the setting steadily grows as we explore it.


    Yeah, I would like in the expansion to revisit some previous areas of the main game, mainly cities and villages. I think Defiance Bay has a good potential for the expansion, for new quests. I hope devs take this into account. To reuse old areas is an easy way to increase hours of gameplay to the expansion.


    New areas+reused old areas= Perfect expansion


    I hope that expansion has enough hours of gameplay. I remember Heart of Winter was too short.

  5. And what about famous Japanese RPG's combat?


    I see this famous tipe combat terribly boring in comparison with Infinity Engine combat.


    I've been playing Southpark the stick of truth and is a game with a good history but I see combat boring after some fights.


    I remember when I played IE games, where you could cast a fireball with your wizard, heal a wounded warrior with your cleric, use artillery with your rangers, backstab an enemy with your thief and fight face to face with your fighters. ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!!


    I'll try ShadowRun. If you know any RPG with better combat than IE games, please tell it to me.

  6. It would be interesting to know what obsidian have planned about novel, almanac and other things. I would like to read the almanac before playing the game. I hope they release it before the release of game.


    I ask the same questions about novella:


    1- It will be released in several languages or only in english?


    2- It will be released before, during or after the release of the game?

  7. Hello guys. I like everything I see in Pillars of eternity: The setting, creatures, classes, images... But, What about combat? This is the only feature I'm worried. If combat mechanics are succesfull, this game will be great.


    Have developers thought in showing us how combat works in next updates? It would be nice that developers could show us a video of a party of heroes fighting against some enemies, pausing game and giving orders to heroes using the interface.


    What do you think?

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  8. I'm very confident on kickstarter. I don't play too much like ten years ago, but in 2013 almost all games I've played are kickstarter games:


    - Expeditions Conquistador: A masterpiece in my opinion.

    - Banner Saga Factions (the multiplayer combat game): I enjoyed a lot to play combats against people on the net. I haven't played yet the singleplayer history.

    - Faeria: Nice card game (like Magic) to play on the net.

    - FTL: The reference of rogue-like games


    For the future (I backed all those and more):

    - Pillars of Eternity is the Queen

    - Tides of Numenera. If i had knew that it was turnbased, I wouldn't have bought it.

    - Stoneheart

    - The Last Door

    - Legends of Eisenwald

    - RimWorld

    - Sunless Sea

    - Confederate Express

    - RiverCity Ramson: Underground



  9. Avellone's forum account is stuck  on a very small postcount, I don't think he frequents these forums very often, I'm sorry to say. He does seem active on other places on the web, including  twitter, maybe you should try it there.



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    Perhaps another member of the team can answer those questions. While we are waiting for the game release, it would be nice to read previously the almanac, the novel, etc...

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