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  1. After playing 80 hours (reading interesting lore in books and items too), I stopped playing my campaing in July in order to wait for the 3 DLC, but this week I've resumed the game and now I'm at 100 hours and I love this game. Today I've started the first DLC and the beginning is great. I hope devs add more areas/quest content in the future. I don't care if I don't finish the campaign soon. After finishing the Beast of Winter DLC, I'll stop playing and wait for the last DLC, megabosses and 4.0 version.


    PoE2 is a real gem.

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  2. Do changed ratings count as new reviews? I imagine some people who dropped the game due to bugs or whatever months ago could now be coming back to it and liking it more


     I don't know how changed ratings appear in the graph. I don't think they are new reviews.


    In PoE1 there are new reviews praising the game and people say on them they are eager to start PoE2.


    In last 5 days, steam reviews for PoE2 are 241 positive and 7 negative (97% positive) ;)


    When I wrote my PoE2 review, I recommended to play PoE1 first. That's the logical way to enjoy those games.

  3. In the last week, 226 new steam reviews have appeared, and 222 of them positive :dancing:. This huge number of reviews makes that this week is the third with more reviews. In preview weeks, only 20 reviews appeared per week. 



    Is interesting to see the reviews graph on steam. Perhaps there are many people who were waiting for a discount on the price. Let's see if sales are increasing in the future months.

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  4. I'm optimist with PoE in the future, I'll tell you why:


    One month ago, in a Obsidian devs reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/9ndh6v/we_are_obsidian_entertainment_and_david_l/ , Addam Brennecke said that they have plans in the future for the PoE series, and this is said when Microsoft was talking with Obsidian for months.


    Furhtermore, in this interview



    in minute 4:30 Justin Britch, lead producer, says that obsidian has a complete world map of Eora and they are excited to share more stories with us in other regions.


    Now let's hope Microsoft let Obsidian create new content for PoE 2 or a new PoE3.

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  5. We must be realistic. Obsidian is a great company with talented developers that give much love to the things they create, but is a company that has been struggling finantially and it was even at the edge of dissapearing before PoE kickstarter campaign.


    Reality is, that PoE2 is a lovely game and a true spiritual sucessor of IE series, but it hasn't had good sales.


    With Microsoft, I'm glad for all the talented people of Obsidian and I hope the have enough freedom developing future games, but, like all of you, I'm not sure of that.


    I'd be happy if, at least, a small team of Obsdian create a PoE3 following the style of PoE1 and 2. I think they can do a great tittle with low resources as they did with Tiranny.


    It would be great to hear something from devs about their future plans.

  6. I don't think PoE2 has been a failure. There are people waiting to buy this game when the final version is released.


    A crowdfunding campaign for PoE 3 is not a risky project. Furthermore, Obsidian has important factors (engine, a solid setting, combat rules, etc) done and ready for developing a new sequel in the future. I'm sure that developing PoE3 is less than a half complex and expensive than PoE1.


    It would be a pity not to visit new regions of Eora, enjoying the view of the beautiful areas that devs create :yes:

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  7. I love the "Black Hound" theme from PoE1. If I had the partiture I could play it with my guitar :rolleyes:

    I'm happy to tell you that I found the music sheet ;)



    you can donwload it.


    I hope to listen more themes from master Bell in future PoE adventures :yes:

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  8. "My favourite things", what a beautiful song.


    - I love the general setting: renaissance era, souls and animancy, adra, Engwithian ruins, variety of places, etc. To enjoy it better is highly recommended to read the guidebook.

    - Deadfire lore.

    - Neketaka is great. And the small towns too.

    - The graphical aspect and the music.

    - The factions and their interests. Vailian Company is great.

    - The freedom of travel across the overland map.

    - The possibility of playing PoE2 with the same characters I played PoE1 (Eder, Pallegina and Aloth).

    - The variety of quests: Bounties, small quests, faction quests, plot quests, character quests, etc.

    - Conversations and consequences of decisions.


    I have never really cared for the politics and cultures of races in games. I want to see untamed wilds and bizarre ecosystems. Give me old ruins and utamed jungles with strange, wonderful, and dangerous creatures. Towns and cities are the most boring parts of any game.


    Really? I'm not too fussed about politics either, but there's something about walking into a new town and checking out the weapons and spells on sale that presses my RPG buttons. 


    I like cities-towns and politics. Neketaka is great and I like the factions and interests of each faction in PoE2.

    I love when my party returns to the city/town after fighting in the wilderness.

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