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  1. Watching Josh  Sawyer lecture I think there will be a PoE 3 with obviously both RTwP and TB combat modes.

    Sawyer mentions that the work needed to implement TB combat was nothing in comparison with ship combat system.

    I'm happy to see there will be a PoE3. I'll never play it in TB mode, but having the 2 combat modes avaibable is a must, after watching the good reception TB have had.

    I only fear that implementing both combat systems can make combat dificulty unbalanced.

    I hope to see some day an anouncement of PoE3 like Josh did with Deadfire ;)

  2. Now I remember this:

    At least we know from PoE1 that people of Eora adored non-existent gods, and Engwithians discovered they didn't exist, and they sacrificed themselves to create gods.

    But if gods didn't exist, I don't know how 3 dragons could make a covenant with a non existent Ngati and receive powers from that god.

    Thanks for your replies. It would be interesting as always that some lore dev could throw a bit of light here 🥰

  3. Wow. Always I thought PoE2 needed a final boss fight and today I realized that PoE2 had a final boss 😄

    I played only one campaign and I finished it the 16th of April, without knowing the game was designed to fight with the Guardian of Ukaizo, a fight that, in my case, never happened. At the arrival of Ukaizo I simply had to fight against 2 easy titans.

    Today, reading some lore, I know for the first time there is a final boss, the guardian of Ukaizo.

    What a way of finishing a game (and I only play once BG, PoE etc campaigns) 😎


  4. I think it's impossible due to the fact that Obsidian in no longer an independent company with a necesity of raising money for a new project.

    The first time I knew about kickstarter was with the PoE1 campaign. I loved the way kickstarter worked and the hype Project Eternity created. I liked FiG campaign for PoE2 and I'd love to participate in a crowfunding campaign for PoE3 (or another isometric Eora game), but dreams are only dreams.



  5. After finishing PoE2 I see that Deadfire is a great RPG game (I read steam reviews and they are very positive too).

    In comparison with Tiranny or Pathfinder, PoE2 has less steam reviews, so this means it has less popularity than the other two games.

    Obsidian was excited to release and show PoE2, and even one dev said they have a complete worldmap of Eora for new games, but, after the lower reception Deadfire has had, I wonder if there will be a PoE3 or perhaps another isometric game in Eora's setting.

    We are close to 1 year anniversary of the release and this forum is completely abandoned by Obsidian devs. That makes me think in a pessimistic way.

    What do you think? Will we enjoy another Eora's gem in the future or Obsidian will move to other different projects?

    Any info from any Obsidian dev would be much appreciated.

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  6. Deadfire prologue:


    - "Watcher, you have an incredible mision ahead"


    - "Nah, I must return to Caed Nuah and clean up all the mess there"


    The outcome at the end would have been the same. At least devs could have placed in Ukaizo a megaboss (a killable one, not like the other 4 megabosses).


    Anyway, I loved the sandbox experience of Deadfire.




    Eothas is destroying the thingamagic that makes souls pass to the other worlds, and back. Without it, souls can't be reborn, and eventually people aren't born with souls, right?


    So how did it things work without that thingy? It was build by the Engwithans, or something right? How did stuff work before that?

    I specifically gathered the closest we have to an official explanation in this article:




    Also, what house said. :)


    Ok, the Ukaizo machine has been working so many years that the natural process of the original Wheel doesn't work without the Ukaizo machine.


    But, once Eothas destroys the Ukaizo machine and the natural process of the Wheel doesn't work, how the newborn are filled with souls?  :getlost:

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