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  1. There's really only one thing I miss in "Pillars of Eternity" and "Tyranny", and that is a walk toggle. I really hope they'll have one in "Pillars of Eternity 2"... P.S.: Yes, I know about IEmod, but I find it way too bloated for my taste when all I need is a simple walk toggle. Sadly, so far I haven't found a simple mod with only a walk toggle...
  2. I'm currently on a new playthrough (after having been away from the game for some time), and apart from some weird companion AI behavior (not auto-levelling, healer not healing, etc.) I haven't found any major bugs. Enjoy!
  3. I live in Germany, too, and I got my game last Friday!
  4. This version is not working for me. When I try to activate the mod on a fresh PoE installation, the launcher fails the activation with an error: Any idea how to fix this?
  5. Thanks, didn't really notice that section before and didn't see that thread. EDIT: Of course I'd still prefer a smaller mod that only adds a walk toggle instead of the IE Mod with its many, many options that I don't need. Preferably a mod that actually can be installed without issues and works.
  6. There is no IE Mod for 3.0-> yet, and there's no word on whether there will be. Which brings me back to my question: Is there an alternative mod that will add a walk toggle to the game?
  7. Thanks, but that's not the same as walking. The IE Mod was providing a real walk toggle (eventhough it came with several dozen of options I'm completely uninterested in), that allows my characters to walk as NPCs do (immersion!); but apparently in the newest version it can only be installed through a weird launcher that keeps on crashing. So I'm looking for an alternative to get a walk toggle into the game (since the developers sadly didn't find it necessary to add or even patch it in).
  8. Hey there! Is there any simple mod for a walk toggle? Until recently I was using IE Mod, but I am unable to get the current version of this mod to work; when trying to activate this mod in the new launcher, I always get a NullReferenceException error message and the game starts without the mod. So, are there any alternatives to it if all I want is a walk toggle? - Lythe
  9. EDIT: Just found this on the backer portal page: So it seems, the address tab of your account is the place where you should enter your address.
  10. Awesome news! Can't wait to lay my hands on my game box.
  11. Thanks everyone for your responses so far; I appreciate your feedback/input. If she's really that evil, maybe I will kill the Sky Dragon in this playthrough (in my last one I spared her because the godess of the temple she chose for her nest, is also the godess of motherhood and things that fly). I'm interested in applying the "superb" enchantment to my staff, because I don't want to apply anything that adds a visual effect (which sadly all non-quality-related enchantments do).
  12. But my question is: Is there another Sky Dragon? Or is there any other way to get sky dragon eyes, maybe in some shop I didn't find yet?
  13. Hey there! Just curious, is there really only one Sky Dragon, and if we don't kill it, we cannot enchant quarterstaves and other weapons to the highest level? So I can either role-play a good character that doesn't kill a mother and her only child left to her, or I can enchant my weapon?
  14. Description: Before patch 1.06 I used to start every combat by casting "Arcane Assault" with both of my wizzards. For that I'd sneak up on my enemies with them, bring the others into position and cast the spell; then I'd attack with my melee fighters while my wizzards cast their second "Arcane Assault". As of 1.06 however, "Arcane Assault" apparently can no longer be cast while in sneak mode. The wizzard starts casting it, but he only stutters where he stands, while his grimoire opens and closes. The sound of the spell is played, but there is no projectile and the spell is not finished (no im
  15. Before the last patch I always started fights with Arcane Assault from my two wizards. After the patch however, whenever I try to use Arcane Assault, the sound plays, but the wizards only stutter on spot while their grimoire opens and closes again; no projectile appears though. Any hint on how I can get rid of this? Arcane Assault is the only per encounter attack of my low-level wizards, and I have to rely on it, unless I want to rest after every encounter... EDIT: Apparently, it's only bugged when cast while sneaking.
  16. By default, there is not hotkey set for "Rest/Camp", but you can do this manually, by assigning a key to that action. Some default settings are rather weird, granted. For example, I only recently found out that the blue circles I'm seeing are actually the color-blind friendly setting which, for some mysterious reason was set by default after installation...
  17. My mage is using a one-handed sword, no shield. I do this for roleplaying reasons, but I think I read somewhere that using a one-handed weapon without shield offers a higher accuracy (perhaps because of the missing malus from the shield?). As for the question "Why not use a 2H weapon instead?": one-handed weapons tend to be faster than two-handed weapons.
  18. I finally figured out how it works, I think. But the weird thing is: It's kind of an auto-toggle only apparently. That means, if you had slow mode active before the combat, it automatically turns it off when combat starts; if you had it turned off before combat though it automatically activates it. Weird and funky somehow; wonder why they implemented it that way.
  19. Ok, I found the option, but it isn't working. It says something in the tooltip about setting the speed automatically to slow if a certain amount of enemies is involved in combat, but no matter what party I have and what foes I face, slow modes is never automatically activated, option set or not. Why is it bound to the number of enemies anyways? Why not just make it a binary toggle to either automatically set speed to slow for every combat, or not?
  20. Sorry for ressurrecting this topic, but I can't find for the life of me where this option is supposed to be. I move around almost always in slow mode, but as soon as combat starts, my characters are running all over the place and I have always to re-enable slow mode manually. Any hint where that option is located?
  21. Germany here; I received all my physical items (except the game disc) last week. All is good now.
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