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  1. These are just what I was looking for. Appreciate this a ton
  2. Anyone able to make an ocean folk version of this guy? Similar to what this (https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/47) mod did for godlike? And/or if someone could watercolor these portraits (they should already be the appropriate size) :
  3. Can someone explain to me in a bit more detail how to change the pose of companions? I've tried replacing the "PersonalityID" numbers in characters.gamedatabundle with the ones I want, but that alone doesn't seem to work. Would be much appreciated.
  4. I seem to have run into a bug where Maneha doesn't trigger the conversation upon entering the Salt well. I've done this quest before a couple of times and this is the first time I've run into this issue. Is there a workaround for this?
  5. I tend go for ZE, simply because I find that usually someone in my party will run out of useful talents and Gallant focus begins to look very attractive. And since ZF and Gallants do not stack, I find I get more use out of ZE + Gallants than simply the ZF.
  6. Nvm, I found it. It's "quest_item_rh_disguise", in case anyone will need it.
  7. Does anyone know the item code for Berathian priest robes? I'm trying to change its appearance with unity but can't find it.
  8. A game based on Vampire: The Masquerade, with Brian Mitsoda as a stretch goal.
  9. Well you're really only bringing that same old argument we've been bouncing around for a few pages now. I don't believe anyone here is saying that the suggested system was perfect but the crux of the issue I have is that now, that system is gone entirely. And the reasoning for doing so hasn't in my opinion been sufficiently justified. Mostly I've read how it's been a minor inconvenience for some while others feel it doesn't add anything to the game. But it seems this was enough for the community to rally a big enough of an outcry that Sawyer saw it fit to remove the entire system. You know, I doubt there's ever been a system that no one has had differing opinions on, so all we're left with is reasoning, especially when the community is so evenly split. So in this case you have to decide is it alright to remove a system some people really liked for what they perceived as added depth and preparation before combat, because you think it's tedious to repair your gear while having no idea how frequent or big of a time investment it will actually turn out to be.
  10. There's a few things here that I have differing opinions on but I don't want to seem like I'm out to nail you to a cross, so I'll just leave it at that. It's enough for me that you don't outright dismiss the system out of some unreasonable, assumed personal inconvenience.
  11. Well, there's a pretty good idea actually. Keeping a sharp sword versus the increased innate durability of blunt weapons. I like it (more of a reliable static damage versus a higher damage but deteriorating performance, then you add in the encounter specific weaknesses to further increase the layers of choosing your speciality). So here, you yourself gave a suggestion that would add gameplay depth and choice. But then you proceed to belittle that fact by stating that durability is only there to help with the gold issue.. About breaking multiple shields and such, I think I already stated that I think that's overkill and wouldn't endorse that. But can't you see any middle ground there? Between no durability system and carrying 5 shields out of fear of them all breaking?
  12. I won't bother going through every single quotation. But the jist here is that you assume that there won't be any fine tuning of the durability system. I'll concur on there being little reason to break your equipment on the same enemy numerous times in a single fight, I think it's safe to say none of us want that. But you can make it sensible, by carrying a more durable weapon, adjusting durability rates or adding a 'breaking threshold' so if Satan crits you, your weapon/shield is in tatters, just from the top of my head. And a specific ruleset for magical weapons if need be. Also you should keep in mind you don't have to solo this game, so against trolls, naturally you could use 'fire magic', or a party members weapon, not a big deal. The quote about Knights and Archers was meant to point out the fact that actual real people have used backup weapons to compensate losing or breaking your main one. Not, having different ones for specific occasions (which, of course took place as well.) You have all these classes that do not rely on weapons and armor, which is something that people do not seem to be taking into account at all. How many characters' equipment you believe you'll have to keep in shape at all times? It's of course subjective, but it cannot be as big of a burden as people are making it out to be. As a side note, what is the 'dual spec' you're referring to, because it almost sounds like something taken out of WoW, you having your tank spec and then swapping your spec at will to a different one, for instance? Or do you simply mean something along the lines of spreading your feats into multiple weapons as in DnD?
  13. They could still implement the rough equivalent by allowing disarm-type attacks, along with damaged loot capability. But I suppose that would be "punishing" the player. We want no part of that here, sir.
  14. Well, what you're referring to here is something quite different. The reason you dislike the system still hasn't changed, in fact, you don't even mention it. Now, lets say you don't think it adds to the game, fine. Others think it does, no skin off of your back. Same for it being the best solution to whatever problem you perceive, what does it mean in practice? You don't like it because it helps keeps player wealth in check? So, the in-game reason for your disapproval of the system would translate to "I want to have a great amount of money"? So, your justification for depriving a potentially great system for a good amount of people is something that you could actually add to your save game by yourself in minutes (money).. No, I don't think so. I really hope you're not that selfish. So, when you say that "the medicine is worse than the cure", that's why you don't like the durability system. But what does it mean in practice, I wonder? I'll be pleasantly surprised if you come up with something other than "I can't be bothered to go repair my gear, when it's damaged" There is no dilemma in having a system in place for the 'wrong' reasons, as long as the system is enjoyable. I will say however that I think the system could and should have been further improved, but I can't agree with removing it entirely. What's annoying and punishing to others can be tactic and preparation to others, think potions in The Witcher. Perhaps the system suggested by Obsidian wasn't quite the same thing, but I was hoping for something along those lines. For instance preparing your gear before venturing into a many level dungeon. Hah, well yes there's a mistake. But that's a somewhat of an incorrect accounting of the whole ordeal.. The thing is Bioware emphasized that they listened to "feedback", yet there was no such feedback, so they were actually working towards broadening the audience of the game, which is obviously not what's happening here. And second, the fans were actually only able to speak about all of the things that went wrong after they had their hands on the game.. DA 2 wasn't a kickstarter. So, It wasn't really a vocal minority versus Bioware as was implied.
  15. Well, I understand what you're saying but you're not taking the fantasy setting into account. It's not at all unreasonable to think you might come across something that could shatter and break your common weapons, much less armor or shields, something that you did not touch on. After all, it was not uncommon to go through shields even back in the Medieval period.
  16. Initial claim was that Durability will add to the gameplay. When debating any issue, there is an implicit burden of proof on the person asserting a claim. "If this responsibility or burden of proof is shifted to a critic, the fallacy of appealing to ignorance is committed" And please, no cheap demagogy, "At first, they took our durability, then, they'll take our inventory! Adn then our Party, our children and our wives! STAHP!" It is ironic that you set DA2 as example. Because BioWare acted exactly like durability apologists wanted - "Ignore all feedback, stick with that idea of hack'n'slash interactive movie! they are just a vocal minority!" I fail to see why durability could not add to gameplay. Surely you cannot have such a limited imagination as to not see at least one potential positive application of it. About DA2, as TrashMan already pointed out the changes that were made in development were actually not endorsed by the community. Bioware stated during marketing that they were trying to draw in different crowds. The end product is what it is. But do not make the mistake of assuming that DA:O fans had anything to do with it. Are you an idiot? Half the BSN considers DA2 combat better than DA:O's. Even here Karkarov and some others have said that DA2 combat is better than IE combat. That you and i dislike it is irrelevant. Many people like it better. That is a direct result of alienating the crowd it was originally meant to cater to. The grand goal of DA2 was to "press a button to see something awesome happen". The people who would have liked a slower paced and more ponderous combat are no longer on board, hence the shift in taste.
  17. Well given that it is you guys who wanted the system out, the onus would be on YOU to provide the sufficient reasoning, in the first place would it not? But he has a point here, you have to admit. What this all essentially boils down to is, "I can't be bothered". Next thing we know you guys will want to remove inventory and party management. Since wanting "depth" has now been branded as invalid. ....I'll just go play shooters now.
  18. I said that the people you hear the most, whichever side they choose in a given argument, are backers. In this case, all sides were backers, one side made good arguments and the developers agreed with them. End of story. Well, your words were "The backers are the loudest group" which is a bit odd, given that I was trying to tell you that Obsidian was only listening to its loudest backers.. But that's besides the point, as is your post. And If you don't want to reply to what I'm trying to say that's fine, but there is no "end of story here". What I have been trying to say here is that the marginal group that's being vocal here, as evidenced by the poll is in my mind, insufficient to warrant a change in design especially with a reception so mixed. People have placed their trust in Obsidian, not forumites. Don't take this as me being against taking feedback into account however, but I do believe that it should always be more or less unanimous, otherwise you'll just end up with a game made by someone else.
  19. Here is the poll you've asked for: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/64050-item-durability/ As for "we saw some negative posts, let's scrap it"; it is actually more a case of "we weren't so sure about durability to begin with so thank you for giving us a reason to remove it". Perhaps you should go back a few pages and read some posts? I like the idea of durability, but only if the devs are willing to get it right. "Money sink" isn't getting it right. Well thanks for the reply, I did read Sawyers post of course, that doesn't change the fact, that what was designed was changed by feedback, if that's the post you're referring to. What's odd here though is that the majority actually voted for item durability, yet it was removed? As well as back to what I was referring to, 120+ voted on this poll.. Out of ~74000 backers.
  20. What are you saying exactly? That the people arguing against the durability system represent the whole of Project Eternity backers? In case you misunderstood me, what I'm saying is that not everyone is constantly giving feedback or even paying attention to it, and that that groups wishes may get trampled on by the vocal minority without them ever getting a chance to realize what's happening. As has already happened. And I say minority but who knows, I'm a dying species, might be there's just a few guys who think like I do. But I do feel cheated nonetheless. I have no idea how many pages of whatever thread Obsidian might have gotten complaints about this, but can you really implement that into design without effectively gauging how big the displeased audience is in relation. Something as rudimentary as a poll would at least give you a sense of the scale. Now it's just "we saw a few negative posts, lets scrap it". I gave my money to Obsidian, and I have great faith in Sawyer and his vision for what a RPG should be. And now that faith is taken into another direction. If I wished for a game designed by some random forumite, i'd have given him that money instead. This is not a decision you can just half-ass, and go by feel basis.
  21. Yeah, I really feel cheated. I feel like the project that was supposed to be the "last hope" of crpgs has already been tarnished by casual gamers, just like every other game out there. I just had to make an account to state this. I haven't been to forums or kept up to date with the feedback, I just gave Obsidian my money and had faith that they'd nail this game. So it's really disappointing that they're listening to the loudest group without having a real idea as to what the backers really want. For the first time I'm getting that pessimistic feeling about this game that I've had for so many years now about the gaming industry. At the very least look towards adding the durability mechanic on the more challenging difficulty levels.
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