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  1. If this was just a matter of money i would give it to u. I like the idea of having more companions and more areas cause i though from the beginning its far to less companions ,but it will probardly significant delay release so my vote is no, no and no. Deliver what u promised first and lets talk later about new stuff later.
  2. Horrible, really horrible for me. If u continue making updates like this im soon be forced to pleage another 10€, or wait.. lets say if u deliver it in may 2014 i do it. Promised! I WANT TO PLAY IT!
  3. I thought its self evident for this game that characters lvl up on different times bevore reading this topic, because we stay close to baldurs gate and icewind dale and neverwinternights already proofed it, that it sucks. It can be very tactical when u have a wizard who is 2 lvl behind and u have to take some extra care of him. When all characters lvl same time, in my opinion , it can be annoying and interrupt the game when u have to spend some 15-20 min on leveling cause u want to do everything right and forced to read every description for every skill for that reason and later u have to wait ages, just to sit there again 20 min for lvl up. Divide it over a longer time of the game is more tactical and also provides u with a constant feeling of success.
  4. Im this guy who stop at every shop and read the description of every singel item. For me in game books provide an enormous emotional deep if written right for example not to long and most times have some humor,sad or scary parts in it, its a must have for me. In BG they was perfect i found myself smiling/excited in the end of most books or desriptions of stuff.
  5. The Quality of BG1, BG2 and Icewind dale is amazing. As far i see in the updates in PE, charater portraits will be great too. What i hope most for is an unique portrait for every singel NPC u meet in the game like the guys on the BG Big World Project did years ago, cause it create a lot immersion.
  6. I have a 22" 16:10 (55cm diagonal) and using 1680x1050 resolution when i sit about 60cm in front of it. Since 2012 i have a lot problems with new games when reading cause when using my native resolution the text is a lot to small. So i have to jump back to a lesser resolution wich isnt good cause it looks different. I would be very happy if we could scale font size in PE.
  7. U match my taste perfect. To say that this update sounds boring is a step to far cause its better then 95% of all other game out there, but i cant get to much enthusiastic about it cause i already seen almost all of this , many years ago. I like to have some unexpected and dark choices like telling ur guards to take away all food and water for several days or torture the prisoners with a whip to get additional information from them. If they succed it could lead to an optional quest or the prisoner could be injured, sick or depressed and could lead to other options. There could be a small chance that he got killed during it and all content is lost forever, even if not ur hirelings could spread rumors in a tavern that there people tortured in ur stronghold and it could trigger another event when u travel the world map where some paladin want to speak or hunt u down for it. There so many options but what i mean is dont forget the evil path this "must always be good" could be sometimes boring for some.
  8. I hope so too ive played lot of games last times wich make this mistake, sometimes have to go back to another resolution to make it eye friendly.
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