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  1. I'd buy an enhanced edition. - Cleanup/Compatibility - 64bit - Camera Improvement - Most of all for me: AI Improvements. My companions run all over a map, through traps, passed enemies to get to other enemies like chickens with their heads off.
  2. I just reinstalled the game and I'm really pleased at how well the game holds up visually. I added a few mods from the Nexus for updated faces, UI, etc, but other than that everything is the stock Diamond Edition from GOG. Once I got started playing though, I was surprised bad the companion AI is. I played this game through at least 3 times, a long while back, and remember minor annoyances, but dont remember things being this bad. I installed Tony K's AI improvements, but not sure that I notice much difference. Does anyone know if: A - Playing under windows 10 would degrade companion AI performance (I can't imagine why). B - Does anyone know a newer/better AI mod than Tony K's?
  3. Somewhere along the way, and I'm not entirely sure where or when, I got old and my eyesight went into the bin. That said, I tend to notice UI's that pay attention to readable fonts, or at least let me scale them in the settings. There tends to be a lot of reading in games like this, and I hope a clear and scalable typeface is in the plans.
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