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  1. Bullseye! Right the day after I leave on vacation with no internet nor computers. Well, it should be good for my post-vacation-blues.
  2. I imagine the whole Obsidian design team reading this thread while eating popcorn and havig great laughs. Being honest, I am grateful that they haven't shown the footage from E3. I think I wouldn't have been able to resist the temptation, and some story and gameplay surprises would have been spoiled for me. It is astounding that some people think Obsidian doesn't share much about PoE. There's lots of insider information in the 80 updates we have seen so far. It is another thing that some people don't like reading, but the information is there. And the debate, for the developers are very o
  3. Also, I doubt that the campaign takes more than a few months in the game's world. I don't think that span of time would be enough to see any of those transformations.
  4. In my first playthrough (good party) he was quite annoying and I left him behind. When playing an evil bastard (having the REAL fun out of BG2) he became interesting after his "twist". I had to put him down eventually, though... I have always thought of Jaheira as a whining, judgamental bitch even since BG1. In BG2 she is also grieving, so I tend to leave her to rot in Irenicus's dungeon. Oh, and shame on me on account of forgetting Garrus as one of my favourite companions ever.
  5. Great update, very fun to read. The most memorable companions that come to mind are: - Jolee Bindo (KOTOR). Wise, witty and cranky. It had the Jedi master vibe, but not in an over the top Yoda style. (SPOILER) What happens after the Rakatan temple when following the dark side path really broke my heart. - Annah (PS:T). Best developed daddy-issues-driven character that I can remember. - Anomen (BG2). He was kind of annoying, but I really loved his plot twist, which changed the character completely. - Edwin / Korgan (BG2). Companions that think themselves superior (and they are, if you
  6. Yes and it is a feature i was ecstatic about. It's just that the companions are such a large part of the game and ideally i'd have all my party composed of their people. Thus far, though, i've only liked a maximum of one, the Orlan Cipher fella. I hated the monk and the wizard completely, couldn't think of anything i want less than a female dwarf (sorry, but i like my dwarf to have a big beard and an even bigger axe and my elves to be female). I found the female priest distinctly unattractive and uninspiring (yes; i want a female character i fancy! It's a bloody fantasy game, of course i
  7. I suspect that having two large cities and a massive dungeon probably took up a disproportionate amount of resources. Once the game is release, the same crowd that are pleased that there will be no second Kickstarter will probably start grumbling that there aren't enough external areas or companions.... Well, I think that the game as it was originally conceived will keep us busy enough until the expansion arrives.
  8. To say it simple - yes, upset that Obsidian dont wanna take ANY risk, for a subgenre that easily gather 4 mil. before they even start to produce, and how this will end up on final quality of the game. I really can't even begin to follow your mental process there... On another note, I think people are focusing too much on the detail of the werecat model. Keep in mind that you will be looking at it from a cenital perspective, and from some distance. There are proportion issues that need to be addressed in order for it to look good that way. Also, I am glad there are no more stretch goa
  9. I love this idea and hope it gets implemented I hate this idea and hope it doesn't see the light of day. ...but I will behave if it's implemented. I don't like it either, I think it's confusing. Agreed. I don't like it at all, either...
  10. Yeah, romance should be one of the very last things to be worked on. I'm OK with romance as long as it is meaningful story/motivation-wise. I am not very fond of the "choose your bed partner" approach in the latest Bioware games. On the other hand, I have fond memories on courting Bastila through the game with the implications that had. Annah's teasing in PS:T was cool as hell, too.
  11. This sounds so cool! Just don't let useless signature items block important gear slots... *cogh*BG2-Imoen's-belt*cogh* WHAT?!? You didn't appreciate carrying Boo instead of 5 healing potions for quick use?? You sir, are a madman. Great update, by the way. Great companions are always a very important replayability factor, at least for me.
  12. Crafting sounds pretty NWN2-ish, only without statchels, which is good. The tricky part will be finding the balance between cool craftable items and cool lootable ones. Durability, if implemented right, could be a cool strategic factor when planning to go on a mission (gosh, I hope there is an avil in the Endless Paths). I think it is a good decision that gear can't be destroyed, only damaged.
  13. I agree on fear, due to their "zealousy". But why should a paladin be immune to desease, poison or any other effect?
  14. What better way to capture the magic of the Inifinity Engine games, by having a lead designer that hates the most popular of them, i.e. the Baldur's Gate series. So that only leaves IWD and Planescape left. Does this mean we will be getting a dungeon crawler with a fantastic narrative? lol I guess this is a Kickstarter's dark side: a backer acting as a big ol' .... editor. As it has been explained, no one ever promised a spiritual predecessor of BGII, just to recapture the spirit of the IE games (all of them). I myself LOVE BGII, but I agree in some of his points. I mean, why the he
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