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  1. So you're saying that it's immoral to put player-sexual companions into a game? It's immoral to claim that the romances are "nuanced" especially in the sense that they were going to individually pick out each character's sexuality, and then when questioned about why that wasn't the case at all, the director (ie. the person who controls the entire direction of the game) writes it off as "I just let the writers do whatever they want, ask them why".
  2. Well, on tumblr Sawyer did say that some characters have no "current interest" (italics are his) so hopefully, that means Eder could be a romance in the dlc or future games. Maybe the "nuance" comes from not romancing other chars if he refuses you at this time. I really, really hope thats the case. They know he was the most anticipated romance, so having him deny the Watcher and potentially hook up with Iselmyr (which is creepy??) is such a **** move. If they were gonna be so bitter about the romance thing why even have it as a stretch goal? Do you have the source for that? Agreed. If they weren't going to take it seriously they should've spent those resources elsewhere.
  3. Just calling it like I see it. I don't see why I shouldn't call out something that there's something wrong with, troll or otherwise. Be in peace? Assumptions? Like how you assumed that everyone's criticisms of the -frankly- poor writing, could just be written off as them thinking the devs have an agenda and that they're just mad that they didn't get what they wanted?
  4. And here is where the "agenda" kicks it. This is what the game will make you think about. If a man falls in love with a woman who happens to be in the body of a man. Does that make the first man gay? Is he supposed to like other men because he loves a woman inside a man's body? Oh boy... I need actual confirmation on this first before I continue. This is not worth it, if it's all based on speculation. I still hope it's true though! I don't understand how you could just pass off blatantly contradictory writing that practically retcons itself as people thinking the devs just have an agenda or whatever. You're either trolling or you're a major Obsidian fanboy.
  5. That's a strange sense of "equality" considering that people who enjoy romance in stories got absolutely nothing out of PoE1 in that regard. The issue here isn't that a certain romance wasn't made available, the issue is that the way it was made unavailable makes no sense from a writing-standpoint, and if it was written like that then what about the rest of the game? The fact that Eder rejects any kind of watcher but is arbitrarily shipped with Xoti makes it feel like some juvenile fan fiction to me. Writing quality doesn't suddenly stop being a thing when romance is involved, and personally I'm not enough of an Obsidian fanboy to look past that.
  6. And yet, in regards to romance, every other character doesn't seem to give a rat's ass about the player's gender, race, past history, and so forth, but suddenly when it comes to Eder then it's "Oh but he can't feel that way due to something totally irrelevant". To me it just seems like they didn't want to give in to the fans even when what they were going to "give in to" made complete sense and fit in perfectly.
  7. Sometimes you're just not their type and that's okay. Sorry, but that argument doesn't fly in a game where your watcher can literally have any personality.
  8. If Eder really isn't romanceable, it'd really make absolutely no sense because his sexuality was flaunted quite a lot in PoE1. I've also seen people say he can get together with Xoti, so it'd make even less sense. Like how is it remotely believable writing that Eder is okay with showing interest in several female characters but suddenly outright refuses a female player character for no particular reason?
  9. I don't know why it seems to be considered that might and resolve were better in regards to dump stats, because resolve was pretty much a complete dump stat for anything that wasn't a tank and might was needed for anything that focused on damage or healing (so virtually everything except tanks). Having to choose whether to value weapon or spell damage isn't as nearly straight forward or bad as it's made out to be. It also plays out better role-play wise because the dialogue options for might were unfitting for a lot of the builds that took them (grabbing shirt sleeves as a wizard or most types of priests felt extremely out-of-character, yet might was an essential stat for both). Despite apparent popular opinion, I think it'd be a huge mistake to revert to the old stats. The empower mechanic is interesting, it essentially seems to be critical casting. I find stats to be more interesting when their effects are more unusual, such as intellect affecting spell radius and duration.
  10. Something I tend to see people not mention is the fact that strength would still influence the damage one deals with implements or any ranged weapon (unless those count as spells for whatever reason). So it's not necessarily a dump stat. I'm fine with resolve affecting spell power and strength affecting weapon damage, especially as long as it gets rid of the muscle wizard/priest thing. Minor Blights and Spirit Lance were commonly-used and powerful spells in PoE1, so that already inspires some thought into whether strength would be useful or not on a wizard rather than just being a black or white decision. Healing should be placed in resolve, or might if it comes back. Thematically it doesn't really make sense in constitution, and gameplay-wise I don't really see why a self-defensive stat should influence the effect of a primarily supportive mechanic.
  11. I've been waiting for this update for over a year now. I really love how the priest class has turned out thematically and mechanically, I don't think I could've hoped for anything better.
  12. Uguu, I was hoping for the priest update, although I certainly can't say I'm disappointed with this update.
  13. I really want to see Priests. >.> There's so much vagueness surrounding them. Are they heavily armored clerics, squishy white mages, or can they just be built either way (hoping for the latter)? and just how exactly do their abilities work lorewise?
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