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  1. I would almost pay to see how that encounter would play out.
  2. One way I have found that lets me temporarily fix this issue to is set the resolution to a different size in the game, then set it back. This generally works until whatever is triggering it to fail in the first place happens again.
  3. My first experience with the IE games came from playing the BG demo which I didn't play until right before BG2 launched. I was 14 years old and had recently started reading Forgotten Realms books. A friend of mine (who had also gotten me addicted to playing D&D) invited me over to play the demo. I liked it immediately, but my friend told me how brutal the game was at first with level 1. I then decided to buy the collectors edition of BG2 (the one with the gold painted CDs and the manual that was larger then some novels) and played it 10 hours straight in my first play session. Played PS:T, BG, and IWD2 (never played IWD1)
  4. Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening is probably the worst example of an expansion I can think of, that I've ever played. It's self-contained, adds nothing to the main game, expands upon character development only at high levels (and again, only for Awakening itself). It's for all intents and purposes it's own module, completely separate from the main game. The level of disconnect is far worse than even any DLC gripes anyone could've had with FO:NV or even DE:HR. Oh god I hated it. That was pretty much it for me for the Dragon Age series. There was just so much wrong with it I hardly know where to being and I really liked DA:O. Now granted if people had said good things about DA2 I probably would have been won back over. I wasn't referring to how the expansion itself worked (I agree, it was terrible). I was merely referring to it's import or starting a new character mechanic. How it allowed you to import, but if you chose not to the game didn't treat your character as if it was from the original game. A prime example of this being Mask of the Betrayer, which makes you the Shard-Bearer even if you import a character who never touched the NWN2 main campaign. Obviously being the Shard-Bearer was important to the story of MoTB, but again, this is just an example.
  5. I would hope for something like the Dragon Age: Awakening expansion. In that, you can either import your Hero of Fereldin (Origins) to become the Warden Commander (Awakening), or you can create a whole new character to become the Warden Commander who is explained to have been brought in from a different area. If you import, there can be some minor changes to reflect that your character has history with the events that have happened in the past, though most of these changes are just dialoge.
  6. I started playing BG2 when I was 14 and I am now 29, same as you. I feel old way too often myself.
  7. Yes, ignore the people who funded this project and make a game that is the opposite of what it was kickstarted for. That'll work great!
  8. Try Wakfu, best turn based combat ever made with so many classes, builds, great story, detailed animations(in combat), unique eco system. I like the Rogue, Feca's Shield and Foggernaut the best. But be careful, the game is a time vampyre; you'll get lost in all the intricacies of combat, equipment, spells, passives, abilities...it's definitely a thinking man's game. Psh, buying new games is for people with money :-P
  9. While I am sadly a very impatient person, I am glad to hear this. Too many companies rush to try to meet a deadline without worrying about the fact that the product sucks. I really hope this means the game goes from good to great. Guess i'll be dusting off BG and BG2 to scratch that cRPG itch.
  10. If there is a reduced recovery time, it can be used to limit kiting, but not remove it entirely as an option. I think there should be some penalty for moving, but not a complete stop in recovery time.
  11. That sums it up pretty much for me. If the game is good, I hope it sells well.
  12. Well, that mostly depends on them. I for one hope it makes a huge profit and allows them to make sequels, expansion packs, future cRPGs, etc.
  13. Thanks for the great video. While I love to read myself, sometimes it is nice to sit back and have the information read by someone else.
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