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  1. Good narrative cRPG balance, to my mind, means five things are true in a given game's case: 1) Every player can complete the critical path. Some parts are very difficult for some players, other parts are very difficult for other players, but every player who is willing to engage with the mechanics and is persistent can eventually complete the game. 2) The hardest side quests are much harder than the hardest crit path content, but it should be clear to every player that it's possible to beat them, and those who can't beat them should always have a way out, even if it's just running awa
  2. D&D is great in some ways, and terrible in others. What it tends to be terrible at is what computer games are great at, which is the problem. I started doing PnP with 4E and immediately didn't care for it. It's fine, but there's not enough mechanical defferentiation, and it plays as a board game unless you have a great DM. I switched to Pathfinder pretty quickly, and found it vastly more rewarding. However, if I had to choose between those rulesets for a computer game, I'd pick 4E, because it's already ninety percent of the way there. It would be an incredible video game, becau
  3. Apologies for triple-posting, but: If you (Obsidian) are going to give us big cities with multiple districts to run around in with lots and lots and lots of quests, in the quests that involve finding a person and/or going back to a questgiver, will you please at least tell us which region of the city we're supposed to be searcihing in? Now, granted, this is less of a fix than "Don't make architecture that blurs together," but I understand that maintaining the level of detail a game like PoE requires necessitates some reuse of assets and the like. I would rather see the same house inte
  4. I was thinking of switching to Numenera for that reason, actually. Rules-light, creativity-heavy. Proabably a better fit for my first GMing experience. I like PF as a player, and they do give GMs a whole lot of help, but there's still a crazy amount of math involved, and math and I get along like, er, two things that don't get along very well at all.
  5. Maybe not. Josh could have easily had a brain fart and switched out Strength for Might.
  6. As a moderator on the Wasteland 2 boards, I've borne witness to a lot of grousing about the attributes not feeling attached enough to the skills, particularly in the case of Charisma and the dialogue skills it opens up. As such, I wholly support dialogue checks tied directly to attributes.
  7. Savescummers are going to savescum no matter what. It's when savescumming is considered expected and necessary that there are problems.
  8. Reposted from another forum, just like last time: So yeah.
  9. To be honest, I'd rather see all spells be useful throughout the game without any kind of scaling. Instead, the spells should be useful throughout the game, and the monsters should communicate visually that a given spell won't be so useful on them. A fireball is gonna kill the hell out of the average kobold, but on a dragon or a gibbering horror from beyond time and space, it should be as useful as going "Pew pew!" and pointing your finger at it.
  10. They probably put some similar spells in there to assuage fears that Wizards would be oh-so-shockingly-different from IE casters. Which then bothered some people anyway. Obsidian can't win with some of you folks, I swear.
  11. What is the point of this post? It's boring. Why do I continue to go into threads that I find boring and post meaningless posts? I know, because I feel special and need to post these meaningless posts and let the community know how I'm feeling. Ah, I feel better knowing I've let the whole community know I'm bored and had to post this. Well, yeah, pretty much. I never claimed I couldn't be a jerk. Still a boring argument, though.
  12. Oh, yeah, and it is true that non-combat skills are largely class-agnostic. Class mostly determines how you fight rather than who you are. EDIT: Which I am absolutely a fan of, to be clear.
  13. Addendum to previous: Turned out I had a spare Wand Of Paralyzation, thank Christ. Still, it was a lame situation to be in.
  14. I don't know how "common" this is, but I would definitely call it a pitfall: trapping us in a place where we have to fight a monster who can only be hurt by a certain weapon we probably don't have and may not specialize in even if we do have it, and then giving that monster regenerating health. I've been fighting Kagour (sp?) on the Werewolf Island in Tales Of The Sword Coast, and frankly, he is impossible for my party to beat even with the Sword Of Balduran and using cheesy kiting tactics. Which wouldn't be so bad, if I had any other options than to fight him. But I'm stuck on the islan
  15. From the Pathfinder Core Rulebook: If I may be forgiven for quoting that out of its original context, I suspect this is why we've mainly heard about combat. It's the most challenging part of the game to build, so doing it upfront is best. Also, combat has rarely been an area in which Obsidian has excelled, whereas they always excel at writing, C&C, and world-building. I expect they're trying to shore up this weakness first and foremost. And, of course, there's the fact that non-combat stuff tends to involve scripted interactions, and thus spoilers. Which is not to say that th
  16. It's interesting. That's exactly the vibe I got when I was reading the list. Many of these spells sound like they'd compliment a multi-class Mage-warrior build marvelously. Like Mage's Double, for example. Imagine casting that on yourself then wading in and engaging in melee brawl...But alas. There's no Multi-classing in PoE.Of course, you can still do the above, but you'll be doing it as a pure wizard. But multi-classing is a solution to overly rigid classes. If the classes aren't so rigid, there's simply no need for it.
  17. Why is this argument still going on? It's boring.
  18. At the risk of scaring you off, I should point out that you would be a guinea pig for someone (me) who's learning on the job just like you. I'm not sure that's the ideal first PnP experience.
  19. 'Tis not so bad a life as all that, my friend, but I thank you for your concern regardless.
  20. I'm copy-pasting this from another board, so if it reads weirdly, that's why: ^ I know I don't know many of you very well, and that I tend to keep to the PoE subforums. Nonetheless, I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in watching me squirm.
  21. Let us queue up actions. It was a good idea in KOTOR and it's a good idea here. I'm sure someone's already said that, and it probably goes without saying, but things that go without saying have a nasty habit of not being said until it's too late.
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