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  1. Are you Bulgarian? Hristova is a VERY Bulgarian last name. EDIT: I guess other people picked up on that.
  2. It's simply a forced perspective. Frankly, calling it archaic is a little bit of a low blow, considering forced perspective is popular, at any time, in most mediums. The reason this game will use a forced, fixed perspective, is for a couple of reasons: first, if you want to play the same game with a 3D camera, Neverwinter Nights is always available, Dragon Age also. The big issue with those games, is that the camera gets in the way more often than not, so you find yourself always managing it. A lot of 3DS games on the other hand, still use the flat backgrounds, which seem to have aged just fine, and are intrusive to gameplay. Frankly, I'm glad they are NOT spending much of the 4 million dollars on 3D camera, and focusing on art, game design, and content.
  3. I love Torment, it is my favorite game ever, and this was amazing news. The first concept art, is also promising. The Bloom seems to be replacing the hive, and the figure in the cloak walking towards it seems even more mysterious than the nameless one (if in fact it is early concept of the protagonist). I am extremely excited, inXile is really showing some good stuff with the latest Wasteland 2 video, and I'm extremely confident in their handling of Torment. They are already starting the fan service too: look at the logo font, and the symbol which is supposed to replace the blade of the immortal. This game is going to be awesome. Nuff said.
  4. The main designer, co-designed the original Torment, I am not worried at all. Plus, Fargo is clearly trustworthy. Also, Fargo stated that he asked "Avellone for his blessing" in an interview. My question is: will they leverage the Eternity engine for their game?! It would only make sense.
  5. Septerra Core did that, It was okay, but I prefer keeping my party members with me, and have only occasional switches, like the Imoen Yoshimo plot device. FF 13 also did the whole swapping party members often thing, I didn't like it as much as Septerra Core's implementation.
  6. Cool update! Brings me to some animations questions: Torment had some very unique animations when it came to your NPC's attacks and also had special critical hit animations. Will Eternity focus on having unique animation sets for each NPC? PC? Also, will you create specific animations for critical hits?
  7. Baldurs Gate II... all night long.

  8. Love these updates! Thanks for toiling away for us. I cringe when I hear that system isn't obvious to people. I say keep it complex. What I always loved about Fallout 2 was how armor worked. You knew, just by looking at your character and his various armor upgrades, that he was becoming harder to hurt, BUT, IF you wanted to get really in depth, you had to "decypher" the values in the inventory screen. I liked that, and I would like Project Eternity to be similar. I don't need things to be obvious to me. I'll figure it out. PS I love the tease at the beggining
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