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  1. I'm waiting on TB to come out of beta before I do my first playthrough, hopefully sooner rather than later.
  2. I'm a would be GOG owner, waiting for Obsidian to sort this out, or let us know they aren't. (I haven't chosen where to get a key for yet, would prefer GOG but undecided)
  3. I can confirm that. The output log says the cloud misses, but the Devil keeps taking damage in that room. Both her health and endurance were near depleted by the time she ran into the room and got the cog.
  4. Wasn't aware this feature was coming. Excellent!
  5. You can still add it to your account as an add-on! Thank you for pointing that out, and as much as I'd like to 85$ already is kinda my limit. Its $20. Go to http://eternity.obsidian.net/backer/pledges click on "Buy AddOns", scroll down and you'll find the one titled " Beta Access Code"
  6. Sad puppy here. While I backed at the 65$ level + $20 for the DLC, I had long forgotten I was short of having the beta. Ah well, good luck to the testers & its great to see it supports Steam and GOG.
  7. There's a technical issue on why they're cut short: there's two way to tag MP3 files, called ID3v1 and ID3v2. Those can also be combined, so you can have a file that has both ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags. In short, ID3v1 has a limitation on the number of characters you can put in the title (and artist, and album) field, 30 characters [1]. Which is exactly your cut-off point there. ID3v2 removes that limitation. What does that mean for your files there? There's two possibilities: 1) Either, they're missing ID3v2 tags. In which case, that could/should be fixed on Obsidian's side. 2) Or your player doesn't support ID3v2 tags, or doesn't show them by default. You might want to check your player or with an MP3 tagger that definitely supports ID3v2 (easytag, for example, should prefer ID3v2 over ID3v1 when reading files). [1] Actually 30 bytes, but let's not go there. Well aware of the ID3v1 vs v2 limitations (worked on a ID3 lib in ruby a _long_ time ago). Anyway the mp3 files have both ID3v1 and v2 tags. in VLC you can see that the album title is "Pillars of Eternity (Deluxe Edition) [Original Soundtrack]" which is longer than the track title of "The White March - The White Ma" Looking at the MP3 in a texteditor (good way to make Notepad hang for a while, but its what I had handy) and the ID3 are id3v2: ID3 =vTIT2 The White March - The White Ma TPE1 Justin E. Bell TPE2 Justin E. Bell TALB < Pillars of Eternity (Deluxe Edition) [Original Soundtrack] TRCK 52 TYER 2017 TCON Soundtrack POPM €TCOM Justin E. Bell TCOP K ÿþ© O b s i d i a n E n t e r t a i n m e n t , I n c . 2 0 1 7 TPUB Obsidian Entertainment, Inc. WOAR <snip be tarasis> id3v1: TAGThe White March - The White MaJustin E. Bell Pillars of Eternity (Deluxe Ed2017Tagged by NCH Software 4
  8. First Justin it is wonderful to finally have the White March music! \o/ That said ... Hang on, there's an Ultimate Edition? What Ultimate Edition? I only just got the Deluxe edition via the FIG (still prefer to say Kickstarter), which as YaK points out has problems with the track title tagging in the MP3 files; the track titles are cut short. For instance: track 51 is tagged "The White March - The White Fo" instead of "The White March - The White Forge". track 50 is tagged "The White March - The Sea and" instead of "The White March - The Sea and Her Love (Gref's Rest Song)" FLAC files are okay. How does one get the "Ultimate Edition" of the PoE score? (I'm a backer of PoE 2 at the "Ultimate Digital Edition" level) PoE score: 26 Tracks PoE Deluxe Edition: 53 Tracks (42 PoE + 11 White March) PoE Ultimate Edition: 80 Tracks (69 PoE + 11 White March)
  9. I'm up for a Pathfinder game, but I'd love to see a Sci-Fi isometric game (Trek, Transformers, other things) or as earlier mentioned Neverwhere, or the world of the Dark Crystal (Henson)
  10. I'd love to be able to buy it on Bandcamp, particularly so I can get a FLAC/ALAC version of the score. Hopefully one day it will happen.
  11. Filled in and I'm rather excited about the possibility of a Pathfinder based game from say Obsidian; with the early art
  12. Thumbs up for the kick turnaround and hefty list of fixes. Thank you to all involved.
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