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  1. You can still pledge for a collectors edition for either Shadowrun game that is being released this year.
  2. From what I've seen In-Exile is selling Wasteland 2 collectors editions. Both Shadowrun games have a pay pal option where you can pre-order a collectors edition of the game. Planetary Annihilation is selling a cosmic edition that is 150% markup for what they had as the equivalent Kickstarter pledge level. I would have no issue parting with my money at a markup if I had something tangible in return. Could we just have the option of purchasing the equivalent of the $80 tier at a slacker markup? Or the smaller ones? Each at their own markup. The very instant the slacker backer was set a 25% markup from the Kickstarter pledge, this became a viable alternative.
  3. They do, if you want to keep using them, you can't alienate them. Obsidian did this well in NWN2. Even earlier in BG2, thought not that vocally. Every time you made a decision they disagreed with they could pull you aside or they could start acting insubordinate.
  4. If I recall correctly, Fallout 2 was released incomplete. There was at least one entire area missing.
  5. My primary hope is that the degree of difficulty with managing to kill one involves good planning, good execution and luck to be successful. Successful means survival, Killing a Dragon should be a major career achievement. To make it even more interesting, completing the game does not require killing one. I think that killing one in Ironman mode should be seen as a crowning achievement in the game.
  6. Sometimes it feels as if taking a look at how a game gets made is much like wandering into the back of a butchers shop. Some things are not meant to be seen! I understand the models without the art, intellectually, but the child in me is seeing the magic taken away! Keep up the great work!
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