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  1. The Witcher 3 was a better game than DAI. World, story, quest twists, minigame, graphics, boobz... all the important things :D Probably the most important is that it took me more than 150 hours and i wasn't bored by the end.
  2. This helped me to finish the quest, though... i had to nag poor Durance a lot (resting at least once, after he was tired of my questioning).
  3. Your income will come from selling magical equipment in ANY tavern. At one point I had 50k in cash, though I actively built my stronghold.
  4. The new item icon for Hearth Harvest doesn't fit into the slot!
  5. I hoped this will go away with the patch. Sometimes I get a blindness effect, which doesn't seem to have any negative effects, just a portrait icon. I think i get these while fighting ogre druids (thanks for fixing insect plague).
  6. No game requires cheating... That is just plain stupid. But most complex games need on site debugging/fixing :D I've never played any rpg that was entirely playable without a console. (Skyrim, any IE game, DA)
  7. Party based game, spiritual successor of the IE games, and no kill xp? Single player could get away with stealth only, but how would you smuggle a whole team through everywhere? This doesn't mean, stealth couldn't have a more pronounced use than the IE games.
  8. I wouldn't say that. More like: make a console version only after the PC version is out, and you still feel like so. Honestly, i doubt console owners would like a genuine PC game, but i wouldn't mind that if it won't affect the PC version.
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