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  1. my badge seems to be missing. i've completed the pledge management.
  2. My choice (as in the survey): Ulukai of the Obsidian Order as a sidenote: not to appear vain here but why doesnt the kickstarter badge display under the backer badge even though i have it? thanks guys
  3. For me the plate-wearing mage goes a little bit to far. However, a Gandalf-style wizard (sword/staff, basic melee capabilities) would be awesome.
  4. I tend to agree on conservative armor options, but not too much realism. As long as Obsidian gets the shoulders right. As for weapons. I'd like to see some resemblance to the old BG2 art weapons in the descrition. Just an idea. Oh and please, i know many dont agree with me on this, but let there be a "hide helmet" option.
  5. As seen in more recent RPGs humans should have some attribute or perk bonuses.
  6. I'm sure that Obsidian has some good ideas in that regard. They already said they wanted to make leveling slower but more rewarding.
  7. I would appreciate a lot of custom stuff here. Like expanding the castle (?) in various options. (also upgrading like stronger walls against possible attackevents etc.) It would also be cool to be able to invite/hire profs like a blacksmith, carpender, magic supply dude, etc.) These guys can, besides crafting special items, upgrade the armor of your guard/army or something like that. Envoys/Diplomats which you can send to the cites and other areas with various tasks would be nice as well. Just speaking my mind here
  8. I loved the portraits in BG2. I dont necessarily need too many customization in that regard.
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