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  1. Of course it will. Especially if it is as good as they say it is. 4 days left.
  2. No it is just that picures in the sig must be 125x600 pixels. Yours is violating forum rules. That is why he asks you to kill huge sig of yours. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I did not realize that, sorry.
  3. I shall not be leaving. I just love being here and reading all of the "civilized dissussions". For those leaving, ya'll come back now ya'here.
  4. How much did you pay for it? The Guide with the DVD was about $24.99.
  5. There are two versions of the KOTOR 2 guide that is coming out. One of them comes with a DVD that has more info on KOTOR 2. For more info serach PRIMA stratagy guide. There is a topic another topic on this very thing.
  6. Becouse there's no Hades One in that game. <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  7. If there are 11 forms total, and we know the first seven, what are the last four?
  8. Darn!! You beat me to it. Oh well, I submit to your timing. Great Job.
  9. Ah hah! I forgot about that! Now you're thinking smart! That's why I needed help from ya'll. That would be a great way to make a connection to one of the movies. If memory serves, we aren't told what those beams on a pod racer are. They're just one of those Star Wars gadgets that is assumed to be common place, I guess. The only thing about this is that in Ep I the pod beams look more like thin lightning flashes, while Bao-Durs beam looks more like a beam of light. Very good possibility, though. They were called energy binders.
  10. Ah. But remember just because it is in a magazine does not mean it is true.
  11. Have the new planets been confirmed by any devs or LA?
  12. I pre-ordered the guide at GameStop. They said it would come in either today or tommorrow.
  13. I will start out as a gaurdian and then experiment with the other classes. So until I play through each class, I cannot make a real "which is better" judgement.
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