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  1. Actually, the solution on this page, click me, seems to have got it working :">
  2. I've tried all the driver versions, and none of them work for me. I get past the character creation screen and it just hangs and quits to the desktop when I select play. Going back to the shop on Monday I'm afraid
  3. No, it means that you can pre-order it now for delivery on Feb 11th (providing that is the release date). I pre-ordered my copy from Game a few weeks ago.
  4. There's a new preview up at IGN, this time dealing with NPCs in the game. Click Me
  5. Check here for all the info on said crystals.... Click me
  6. The new issue of Official Xbox Magazine in the UK has their review of Kotor 2 in, with a excellent rating of 9.3\10 :cool: I've only just skimmed through the review, but their verdict says "Incredible. It takes all that was good from KOTOR, places it in a far more oppressive place, then throws you in to deal with it." February seems a lot further away now Congrats to the guys at Obsidian
  7. I've just started re-playing KOTOR today. I might go through the whole game with T3 in my party for a change, as I normally just dropped him after Taris.
  8. Most game manuals are poor these days, probably in an attempt to cut costs. I remember back in the days when we had real manuals. Good times, good times...... :cool:
  9. Durham, England. Nice and sunny at the moment, but a little on the chilly side.
  10. For the record, I subscribe to OXM here in the UK and received my copy last week. The piece that velocitygirl posted is in the magazine, in fact it's the very first paragraph on page 63
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