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  1. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> hmmm thats interesting. in the first game all jedi classes gained a feat at level 3. what class r u? I am a Jedi Gaurdian.
  2. those of you have got the game pls whats it like so far (dont spoil) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Very nice.
  3. There is actually a jedi guide on the official KOTOR 2 site. It is in the gameplay section.
  4. Actually, I think that the Sentinels get average. That is what the game manual says. And if you were to just compare the gaurdian to the sentinel then yes the sentinel will have the fewest feats. Add in consular and the sentinel gets bumped to average.
  5. I think they might get it this afternoon at my GameStop. But they said it might not be here until tommorrow. However, saying Dec. 6 may mean that that is when the game is shipped.
  6. Tommorrow! Tommorrow! I love ya' tommorrow. Your only a day away. :D
  7. You forget, fear leads to the DS.fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.......I sense much fear in you.
  8. I got a call from the GameStp that I pre-ordered from and they said it will be in tommorrow. I can't wait. :D
  9. I try to keep STR and DEX roughly even to give a nice powerhouse effect. At least that is the way I did things for KOTOR. For TSL I might tweek it depending on the situation. Also I found that for Gaurdians, STR and DEX were the attributes to really focus on. It differed for Sentinel an Consular.
  10. LS Male Jedi Gaurdian/Weapon Master Two Violet single sabers Strength: 16 Dexterity: 15 Constitution: 10 Intelegence: 14 Wisdom: 14 Charisma: 10 Might change when I actually start the game.
  11. Hey Chris, good rambling. A couple questions though. What are the real names of the Handmaiden and the disciple? Which companion is the Echani?
  12. Cause they get a kick out of it. And maybe they don't have anything else better to do...........yet.
  13. I doubt he'll tell us, it might ruin part of the story. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You never know. It could happen.
  14. Finally another rambling. Thanks Chris. By the way who is this Echani party member?
  15. In 4 days I will own this game. I might consider posting some info. "
  16. I don't keep track of the time when I play. If I do I usually look at the memory screen on my XBOX. It usually gives the amount of time I spent on on game.
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