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  1. Got the US shipping notification last night, though the tracking# still says they've not picked up the box but it has an expected delivery date of either the 30th or 31st. Being shipped 2day with the US post office.
  2. Hum Status still says preparing to ship so I'm guessing we will not get our boxes before launch....unless they plan to waste money with overnight shipping. It's okay I guess as long as we key the steam keys on time. I feel for the DSL guys though....I love my 75mb connection from FIOS....sorry. Man this has been a long road, after 74 kickstarters in 3 years this will make # 5 to release. bout time (Not this one but the others)
  3. I don't think we would have any objections, but I will need to do a bit more research on it. I assume it is just a setting that we can set on our Steamworks page, but I will have to look into it. That would be correct. as long as you support steam encryption and allow pre-load you can support it.
  4. Again the point is...you don't have to pay. People are all caught up on the 'Why should I pay to test'. There is a simple reason for it...it's optional. They have beta testers. Like most computer companies, they have internal QA teams as well as selected outside people testing...it's how the process works. So they are offering people the ability to play the game early and help them work out the bugs. There is a value in that and they are charging for it. Again if you don't want to play..don't but don't moan and complain about the price. @kebrus: You talk about how everyone doesn't understand your point nor is anyone buy you able to justify their opinion (Full of yourself much) You also say 'These people can never give you a good justification because there are none, so instead they comments fall in false moralism and ethics.' Yet here you are giving ONLY your opinion and then telling everyone that ONLY your opinion is valid (Again full of yourself much). Here's the only valid answer (Not opinion but fact) Obsidian decided that giving people beta access had a value. They priced that value at $25.00. The opened up the ability to buy in and people were willing to pay it. That's it, that is all there is to it. There is no, should they or should they not. They are the makers of the product. They selected the value they thought it was worth and seeing how a lot of people have purchased that beta access they were correct. Had the market decided that beta access was NOT worth $25.00 then people would not have paid it and they would have stopped offering it. I'm not trying to call you out here but what gives you the right to tell everyone else here that their opinions are not valid and only you are right?
  5. I'm seeing a lot more people making posts like this with companies that decide to extend the buy in to the betas. We really see it a lot with Steam Early Access. For some reason people are okay with getting beta through kickstarter...but lord help you if you decide to allow people to buy into the beta later....even if you keep the price the same(Well more so if you do) people still make comments like 'Why should I pay you to help test your product' Here's a secret....you DO NOT HAVE TO BUY INTO THE BETA!!!!!! If you don't think it's worth the $25.00 then don't spend it.
  6. @Valorian sorry but feel free to reread the kickstarter terms. NEVER once did it say that because you donated money then Obsidian is REQUIRED to only follow your vision. We all gve them money to develop a game based upon the information they provided knowing full well that it would follow their vision...which they are. To sit here and say that this game will now suck because they are not developing a game that meets your list of requirements is kinda full of it don't you think? I'm at a loss why people are upset...mainly because WE DO NOT KNOW HOW EVERYTHING WORKS. You get a tiny piece of information, not even enough to know half of how things work, and we decide to get pissed because we THINK it will not work how we WANT it to work. 4 pages of people bit@hing about how the system, which none of us know how it fully works, isn't the one we wanted...which by we I mean a few of you. How about we all wait until we are giving the full picture before we fill in the blanks with our own unfounded opinions.
  7. I'm still lost why people have a problem with AWs? In 2011 there were 12,664 reported murders in the US. 323 of them were done with AWs. In fact 728 murders were done with people's bare hands. Twice as many people were murdered by (As the FBI puts it) with Hands, fist and feet. 1,694 were murdered by knifes. 356 with shotguns and 6,220 with handguns. Heck 1,659 were killed by other weapons (That include everything from 2x4s to dump trucks). Out of all Murder by types AWs were the smallest number. But because they look cool and Assault Weapon sounds cool people focus on it.
  8. I've not ever had a problem with steam and I probably have 120 to 140 games on steam. Some games I turn off the auto updater but for the most part the games that support mods are not that many so I've never been burned. As for people asking about steam and having different versions or rolling back, the answer is no. You canot unpatch nor can you have more then 1 version, I'm not even sure if you can install steam twice, I'm guessing no, but steam will only install the most current version it has. DRM as a concept is fine, I understand the need for it based on the number of products I see on the internet that are either cracked or home made iso's with volume licenses posted that people didn't pay for. I know if I invested a lot I'd expect to get paid for my work...but that's kinda off topic. I think a game like this should allow you to check for updates and download them if you want (The non-steam versions). I understand why most online games force updates(Client and server must match) but for offline games, sometimes I like to wait for reviews of the patch before I apply it.
  9. Well I think if it are getting homes, we should have storage in our homes, so this is probably not an issue. What I would like to see though are Skyrim style mannequins in our home that we can put armor sets on and then enter out house and see them...I know it only adds visual value but it's nice to see how many sets you can get. I'm also all for items having weight. I always had problems with games that let you throw 12 full sets of plate armor in your backpack and still run around like the pack is empty.
  10. cool...looks like the only error I see on that list would be that it's missing the patch. Other then that it's a good list of loot
  11. http://project-etern...ty-reward-tiers Hope this helps Yes but that's not fully correct. If you look at the official page it shows this Signed Retail Collector's Edition $250 Previous reward tier + you get your COLLECTOR'S EDITION BOX signed by CHRIS AVELLONE, TIM CAIN, JOSH SAWYER, and the rest of the development team + full color printed PROJECT ETERNITY COLLECTOR'S BOOK + an elite version of the PROJECT ETERNITY CLOTH PATCH. The book will be a full color book that includes concept art, player's handbook, monster manual, exclusive information about the campaign setting and characters, and a special behind the scenes look at making the game. Please add $30 for international shipping. What throws me is the Previous reward tier The Previous tier is Digital Collector's Edition w/Wasteland 2 + Expansion $165 FIRST EXPANSION/WASTELAND2 DIGITAL ONLY TIER - All rewards from the previous digital tiers + PROJECT ETERNITY'S FIRST EXPANSION + DRM free digital download copy of WASTELAND 2 + all the other digital rewards of the $250 tier available now and added during the Kickstarter campaign. If you don't need the physical goods, then this is a great reward tier for you. or is it the physical tiers before. LOL, sounds like it's everything in the Physical Tier's which is cool which means 2 copies of the game, one physical and one Digital. LOL Sorting it all out is part of the fun.
  12. I have kinda a strange question. So I kicked in for the $250 tier So the reward starts with 'Previous reward tier' Which tier? Do I get all of the physical tiers that come before or do I get the Digital Collector's Edition tier? I ask because to be honest I have no idea how many copies of the game I'm getting. I know I get 1 copy with the Signed collectors set but do I also get the 2 download copies included in the $80.00 tier? How many Beta keys do I get and such. LOL it's hard to break it all down. I mainly ask because I'm trying to talk some guys here at work to go in with me and kick some extra cash Obsidian's way while paypal is still open and I'm trying to figure out how many copies we have to share and how many I'll need to figure on if we do a group buy in....Or if I should just get them to kick off their own pledges.
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