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  1. (yoinked from Facebook) Tim’s earworm strike critted me for max damage… We’re heading for BEETUS and still we chew slow Cause maybe they’ll feed us and we’ll have some mo’ With so many insulin shots and medics around I’m sure that we’ll all be OK somehow o/~ IT'S THE DARKEST COOKIE! buh nuh NA nuh 0/~
  2. I am listed all proper like but woe be my title. uberman, Lapsed LPB of the Obsidian Order
  3. Very cool. Thank you! And yes, please, more of these.
  4. I'd like to get added. I completed the pledge manager and everything. "Lapsed LPB of the Obsidian Order" Thanks!
  5. If Monk ends up being something other than (Stealth + Athletics), well, I guess it's time for a movie night at Obsidian with The 36th Chamber of Shaolin as the only feature on the schedule. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0078243/
  6. Each class update further develops my choice paralysis (i.e., each class sounds more awesome than the last). This is a good conundrum to have.
  7. That Neve Campbell Tim Cain seems nice. Approachable, you know? But that Fairuza Balk Tim Cain... that's one bad apple, you can just tell. Oh yeah! Good update.
  8. My apologies. Typing from an insufficiently pressurized area. Holy ****balls. The Pretty has been brought and It has been brought hard. Thanks! I are excite!
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