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  1. have started wh40k space marine. it is all kinds of awesome :D
  2. i thought stomachs were soft and squishy rather than crunchy. also, i approve of that music, but i prefer this as far as soundtracks go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tb-gI_pFog0 a better song for farmer's walks has never nor will ever be, ever.
  3. currently playing primordia. very reminiscing of the old lucasarts adventure games, and with several references to other games with similar themes, which i found very amusing. heartily recommended to fans of point and click adventure games :D
  4. *insert trend bucking here* I was ok with Mordin. He went out well, and we'd gotten to know him fairly well. However LEGION I was kind of pissed about. Not because he died, but because we basically didn't get to interact with him all that much. He shows up on one mission, then you have just enough time to get his loyalty up and do that before you end the game in ME2. And ME3 has him pop up only as a non-squaddie who WILL die (in one form or another). Legion is, overall, my favorite character, and showing my bias I am annoyed that he gets so little screen time... especially in comparison to Tali. I don't mind that he went out overall... it's just that in comparison to MANY of the other characters in 2 and 3, he wasn't allowed to visit with the players nearly as much as any other squad member in the game. I was okay with Legion at first. But it's one of those "until you sit down and start thinking about it" scenarios. Which probably would not have happened if the ending wasn't terrible. Legion's death doesn't make any sense. I don't even know how to explain it to rebuke it. It just fails me fundamentally. And his entire character is a 180 from the Mass Effect 2 presentation. We will make our own way without any shortcuts from the old machines (ME2)... unless they're really cool (ME3) All must be judged on their own merits. Treating every species like one's own is racist. Even benign anthropomorphism.(ME2) I want to be a real individual. (ME3) And I think one of the reasons I will forever refuse to play the Extended Cut is EDI's "Now I am alive" line for that version of synthesis. What was she before? He was a bit of a fan favorite and it's sad he didn't get a better part. re: rebuking legion's death: it makes no sense because the geth are software, and are therefore made of code, that can be copied. legion therefore requiring "personality dissemination" is nonsensical to anyone with half a smidgeon of programming knowledge. It was done purely for emotional impact, and on that note, it worked (it was the only moment in the game that brought me close to tears, mainly due to the sheer magnitude of all the combined happenings in the scene), but logically it is a fail of galactic proportions. also, vega was cool and gorth is a heretic for not being garrus' bro, but i totally agree with the allers dislike. al-jilani on board the normandy would have been hilarious, though.
  5. this is a false dichotomy. i refuse to vote unless you add 'i like cheese' as an option. or maybe 'richard nixon' and 'a jar of almonds'.
  6. Never licked your fingers or bit your tongue? I find myself rather tasteless Edit: Even if the blood adds a bit of salty flavour to me i actually like the taste of my own blood quite a bit. it's rather sweet, interestingly.
  7. if there were no health risks associated with it, i would eat flesh cultured from my own cells, just so i know how i taste.
  9. what humanoid said. but more seriously:
  10. as i said, i was just playing also, the shankle is made of win. if i ever got any of his merchandise, it'd probably be the posters. shankle's posters are awesome and would make epic additions to any gym, so maybe when/if i get a home gym.
  11. i tried the demo for amnesia once. i hid in a closet, refused to come out, never played it again. i will anxiously await the release of this game so i can watch LP videos of it on youtube :D
  12. while i doubt that's an actual serious post, i'll play :D i haven't cut my hair in over half a decade and the samson effect still hasn't kicked in. i'll go with the weights. false. no, i do it for fun. few things make me feel as alive as powering through a set of high-rep squats. and if it weren't because i am a rabid anti-theist, the first thing i'd think when i lie on the ground catching my breath is "god, take this barbell and stick it up your ass for giving me growth hormone deficiency". which is incidentally one of the other reasons i exercise, although i was unlucky in that i didn't discover lifting until way too late and am stuck being 5 feet tall. also, leangains.
  13. i am essentially an immersion junkie, and i find that RPGs (well done ones, in any case) tend to lend themselves superbly to immersion. i also enjoy the management aspects in a lot of games, particularly RPG and strategy games, and there's a pretty big escapism element in there, basically inherent to the immersion angle. a well-crafted RPG is essentially an interactive story, so i'd say i like them for the same reasons i like fiction novels and movies, combined with the interactivity element. and if they're intellectually stimulating as well, all the better (planescape: torment cemented in me the interest in philosophy that i built by plaing sid meier's alpha centauri, for example).
  14. i work out because i like working out. then again, i'm so masochistic that i literally enjoy widowmaker squats feeding the narcissism is just a bonus
  15. although technically it's 1:27 am, so i actually did it yesterday.
  16. bought two new pairs of socks, that are somewhat longer than i prefer my socks to be, so i have started the long and arduous quest to shorten them, in the process nearly ruining one of the pairs and temporarily misplacing a sewing needle.
  17. went to the gym, had a coughing fit in the middle of a set of squats, then went to an anime convention and saw someone wearing a mai shiranui cosplay without any underwear underneath. predictably, she was soon surrounded by a flock of men.
  18. i go for simple stuff: bolognese sauce and slices of sausage on top of cheese. that said, i've also had ice cream pizza once, and it was tasty.
  19. discovered that an overwhelming majority of the entry course students at my uni got extremely low grades in the latest test, not just me, to the point where several people, a teacher included, actually suspected there might be foul play involved. this is getting interesting.
  20. completely subjective. some of us enjoy it, and enjoying it is not mutually exclusive with also enjoying more heavily interactive games. i do respect your viewpoint, however, but it's still something completely relative to each particular player of any given game.
  21. re: drinking and chocolate: i have never drunk alcohol, and if i have things my way i never plan to, but i am addicted to chocolate milk. @ladycrimson: something you might want to try: invert the ratio of milk to powdered chocolate. the resulting chocolate "pudding", to be either eaten with a spoon or poured into/on top of appropriate stuff, is what the gods eat when they're being naughty. re: what i did today: woke up, found out i done goofed on my latest exam for the uni entry course, decided to make up for it by absolutely massacring my current subject (philosophy), then i watched some videos, worked out a bit, argued on the internet and started devising a damage system from scratch out of sheer boredom. might be worth actually trying to do something with it once i get it finished.
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