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  1. I have to agree with the above post. Go back to Ds1 and 2 and make 3 Feel like it should and not just a slasher for the sake of it. Maybe less scripting of enemy types, I like open world and i also like close world but things need to be done well. If this ever happens make the name well worth it DS3 Killed the name so far. So go back and fix it, and then move on to a new game.
  2. sorry to be a bummer but the news about the documentary in the products page as such. It says due to privacy settings this can not be played when clicked on video. Also did the Exp come with the box set of the game ?
  3. Just thought id check in to see if any of the shipping has been done on the cd's as i have recived the box and happy that its come but i would like to complete it with those goods that where still in sending status. Is there a place we can check this besides the backers portal if i go there at all ?.
  4. Is anyone posting there pictures of the size of the special editions box sets and the size of the thing ?. if so ill be more than happy to go all in with this. So happy i recived mine. Btw Australia backer and way happy i did at my price
  5. For me i just played, things i noticed in the char development area of the game you can level up your 6 pices of abilitys,oh no... You can click on next and do what you want then.... Once pressed on the done button after finnishing your selection. You go back to the Char development part and re do it all again but this time all the previous additions to the char are already there and wow another 6 points to spend ?. To the east of town theres like bugs like hell on fire cause theres too many of them.. I have tryed the appoch of going at them one on group so 1 enemy would
  6. I would like to ask if there will be posted a patch list and upcomming patch notes to the fourm so people can look stuff over and get better at understanding that things are being worked on ?. I know its only been say a day or so but i have only just activated my account and downloading very slowly. But i dont hear of a quick patch or anything like that as of yet. Just saying the more feedback the fourms get the better players can understand where the dev's are on the game as well as what is being worked on. Thanks.
  7. I think I shall wait till the next topic has been updated in the fourms to make a comment, But I like how the elemental enemys have no format to them but what they are at the core.
  8. I havent bothered to read the rest of what others are saying, I did want to say that the poll is a little limited in what your actually asking, But i did say i would like to vote on new or content, regardless what it might be but i also think that wilderness however nice, can become somewhat a choore if your just trying to get from one spot to the next, I like depth. Almost like d1 and d2, with dungions surounding an area or something to split the monotany when your in a barren place. Anyways thats my thoughts good luck on the poll.
  9. hey, i dont really read whats going on but that newest kickstarter email that was sent out about this just wow. Depending on how you get the castle i think all depends on how much of say a leader and controler over your land. I would like to see a system also where you can go out and like kill all the bad mobs from around your land and pick up good people who either fear you or just want to follow you and i dont mean companions, I mean something like the people who pay taxes and stuff so you help clear the lands before you enter sometype of status so you earn the right to the castle. T
  10. I like the topic of the post, and seeing this type of thing brings more promis to games of these type of games. Appart from all of this theres two others talking about kickstarter projects look if you want take it to some where else and make your own posts on your jagged aliance game it has no relivance here. Darren thanks for the brief post, would like to see more of the figures and the process they go though visually .
  11. new commer and backer of 140$ tier cant afford 8$ right now but maybe down the track.
  12. second thread since signing up this afternoon. Ok this is my own thoughts about this. I have played lots of xp based games including syrim and mirrowind and even a small amount of icewindale, I for one hate games that just chat far too much you want a game that talks of dialog have it in speach so we can hear it and just sit back instead of trying to read the damm'ed thing on screen or even better just make this an adventure style game. The newest game i have also been playing around with is path of exile, really good game, now it even gives you xp but you can only spend it on attr
  13. i dont know whats going on i didnt even know about the 8$ thing but i certainly did a 140$ plus 15$ for postage if that doesnt worrent anything then so be it but im glad i put some $ since im a rpg fan and love collecting box / art from games.
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