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  1. To be fair to Obsidian, they may only be able to give out the coupon for Paradox's store due to some sort of legal agreement for the publishing of Tyranny. That being said, Paradox forcing us to Steam considering that the game is also being distributed on GoG is just silly. Since I'm in no rush, I'll just wait for Tyranny to go on sale in a couple of years then pick it up.
  2. Seems like someone needs a rub on their belly Only if you want love claw marks and bites
  3. Hopefully not to much. They said April 2014 on Kickstarter during the campaign for the basic version before we blew past that funding level.
  4. The Kickstarter badge shows up in my profile but not on any posts.
  5. I haven't really heard anything on either Shadowrun or Broken Age. Didn't back either and have been busy with other concerns. I did back Broken Sword 5 and it turned out fairly well, better I'd say than the previous ones. I'm withholding judgement on PoE until I get it in my hands. Edited for spelling
  6. Oh dear lord the marshmallow is still at it.... Yawn...wake me up when we are closer to release.
  7. Look folks, Obsidian said they could make this game for $1.1M. A game in the spirit of the old IE engine games. Considering that they have now much more than that means there are a fair number of believers that the $1.1M budget was enough and that more funds would be a better game. If P:E fails to meet the expectations of the KS backers and the RPG market in general then they have no one to blame but themselves. Obsidian's track record is not the greatest. They have a reputation of releasing buggy, incomplete games. Probably undeserved based on all the stories about the various publishers I've heard. The bottom line, though, is that if Obsidian fails they will bear all the blame and kill all the goodwill they have with the cRPG community (see Bioware post-EA purchase). As such, they have motivation and incentive not to fail. And unlike with other developers, we have insight into P:E's production and can help make sure that the $4M we have collectively invested IS enough.
  8. I kind of fell off the Telltale wagon after the QTE that was Jurassic Park. Maybe I'll give Walking Dead a chance (still waiting for more Sam & Max).
  9. I wonder if there is any way of getting Drew Karpyshyn picked up by Obsidian. He might work well with Chris and George.
  10. My understanding, based on interviews with head writer after he was reassigned, was that the Reapers were actually saving sentient life as something else was going on that we only had a glimpse of in ME2. The final or near-final battle would have been to determine to either join the Reapers or to attempt to fight something that even they didn't have a solution for. Now that would have been cool to see done. Oh well, instead we'll get ME4: Look at the Pretty Rainbow of ending choices.
  11. Mass Effect 1 started out good (issues with the game engine, inventory, and annoying planet exploration asside) and ME2 continued with uping the stakes, fleshing out the world, adding in new characters to care about, and showing the results of some of your actions. ME3 (ending aside) started failing from the beginning because unless you had the last ME2 DLC you lost out on plot context with the Reapers (they're here and already destroyed one system and we blew up a Gate? When did this happen?), some of the major choices from ME1 like the Rachni queen were completely irrlevelent (she lives and becomes enslaved, she dies and becomes a cyborg, but has no plot impact other than enemies and a single mission), and dropped plot points from ME2 (suns burning out faster than expected? Interesting? Is there something else going on here?). Good plot: World changing events that the PC is a part of. Choices that actually have some sort of visible influence (ie The Witcher) even if minor. Characters that are well rounded with their own motivations that have an impact on the main quest, minor quests, and other characters in the party. I'll even take moral/ethical dilemmas that may even leave me with two or more "bad" choices as long as the story leading up to them is cohesive.
  12. I perfer armchair quarterbacking. Just as good, but I don't have to stand
  13. Something you're not telling us, Flufferony? We know the weremarshmallow is devious, evil, sugary, and fluffy but it is also right. We should focus our attention on those in Irvine who have spritied away our stockplied booty. We must keep viligant watch on them and make sure THEY do not betray us!!! [/soapbox] That was exhausting. Nap time.
  14. A level of trust is freely given, but once betrayed can never be regained. Meanwhile, how about them [random/favorite sports team]?
  15. I figure that karmatic circle happens to the ones that were not the nicest to girls when they were younger.
  16. Ah!! The "I hope you have children just like you" curse! Excellent idea............wait a sec.....curse my parents!!!!!
  17. Isn't that pretty much what happens with every turn of generations? The parents used to "rebel" against their parents (by rebel I mean think the things their parents do are uncool or something like that), then their kids rebel against them. Lord help me with my children then.
  18. When rebelling becomes "in" and "the thing that all the cool kids are doing" does that mean that being part of the system and "the man" is acually the new rebellion?
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