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  1. In addition to this, I find that modals are deactivating when I select more than one in combat. now I am unsure if only one can be activated at a time. But every time I try and turn on my spear modal in combat, Brisk Recitation for my chanter turns off. And visa versa. Outside of combat, both remain on and at some point deactivate.
  2. Honestly beckoner was my first choice, but the sheer flexibility of Troubadour is very inviting. I can still summon, and I can toggle Brisk Recitation if I want to build up phrases quickly for summons or other abilities. However multiple tiny skeletons and other summons all doing attacks with the shared flames and Aelfyllath Ues Mith Fyr is super tempting.
  3. Thank you so much!! Any suggestions for a ranged Herald? Not necessarily exclusively ranged, one weapon set of pistols/blunderbuss duel wielding.I would likely change that starting stats to accommodate 20 INT for the chants to have a constant linger and may contemplate kind wayfarer, but I'm curious about which chants/invocations you would choose if you weren't exclusively front line? I only ask as you look to have a very good grasp of the game! PS I apologise for the multiple edits, writing this on the mobile site on the bus led to poor button presses.
  4. If anyone has the answer I too am interested cause I got my "perfect save" for deadfire except for this little thing!
  5. Drinking tea, reading books. Excellent.

  6. The 65 dollar tier for me, however in total I pledged 115. 15 for shipping, 20 for the expansion, 7 for the digital guide, and 8 for the order!
  7. True, I guess I did not express myself accurately a NPC girl with a green shirt for example simply dubbed "Green shirt girl" would be a great little easter egg. I simply did not like the idea at first because I was still at the time of writing the post still a bit "bleh" at the internets reaction towards green shirt girl
  8. We cannot forget to give our thanks to KERFLUFFLEUPOGUS; The Devourer of the Faithful!
  9. I may be sitting here quietly typing, but inside I am screaming fan-girlish screams.
  10. Not #1, the chat seemed to consist of some of the lowest forms of internet IRC behaviour.
  11. Okay with paypal we passed it. Weeeee.

  12. Hurray! I am on the list! I joined up, because personally, all the Order members on the kickstarter comment pages were (And continue to be) amazing people, and as soon as I heard the possibility of a in-game reference to the "Obsidian Order of Eternity", it kind of sealed the deal for me.

  14. I would love it if my Profile name can be changed to Carella - Artificer of the Obsidian Order "Artificer of the Obsidian Order" obviously my title Thank you!
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