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  1. Giant rat people? what kind of crazy prediction is that? I think Aumauas will most likely look like giant humanoid Elephant Seals. Something along the lines of this.....
  2. Don't worry guys, next time Josh will read out all of the countries in the world at the beginning at the video.
  3. Too late. That's how we got the mega-dungeon, player house, paladins, bards, and stronghold. I only hope they listened to the pet flying monkey idea. This is true, and I do believe it worked out well for the Kick-starter campaign, but i was talking more in terms of other issues such as game-play mechanics and romances.
  4. I honestly hope Obsidian does not take into consideration anything the fans say, other than a few special exceptions.
  5. Why do some people within the Order believe because they spent $8 they deserve to have a say how the game is developed. That makes absolutely no sense to me. Where are the people who donated $10,000. Why aren't they speaking up?
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