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  1. Yes I award this game a 1, if I were using the PhD marking system used in Australia where 1 is the best mark possible.
  2. Uh the hardest setting, the only setting anyone should ever play any game at. Otherwise you're not getting the proper experience.
  3. The game yes, waiting on the physical stuff, but that is understandable. Would have pledged more if i had it at the time.
  4. Well I think it will do well because of the mechanics, because they are awesome.
  5. No it is perfectly logical, there was a vote, it was decided democratically to send the discs later because there was no way to ship the physical rewards and the discs together and have them arrive around the release date, this is because the game only went gold fairly recently and there is a day 1 patch.
  6. I hope by 'shipping soon' my backer portal means already shipped a couple of weekS ago.
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