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    Solid background story;
    Almost endless character options;
    Great companions;
    Really interesting world
    = Epic Win.


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  1. I am also hoping very much for these options mentioned by the OP, since I have been using them in BG. This is probably the most important request I might actually make for the game.
  2. First of all, thanks a lot for this extremely interesting update and for sharing what you wrote with us. Of course I do not have your expertise as a composer, but still I have been a bit surprised by the complete absence of percussions in this piece; while this is understandable for a quiet environment, I sincerely hope this won't generally be the case. As an illustration using other video games, I prefer by far to have something with a lot of dynamics like in: and which makes an heavy use of percussions, rather than: which never uses them essentially (which arguably fits the (almost constant) melancholy of the music). Both games were amazing, mind you.
  3. I was a bit afraid concerning the game UI. It looks great! I love it. Of course, it's still under development but I'm really enthusiastic! As always, the areas are also gorgeous. Good job everyone, great update
  4. What I would like the most: quality. The best quality possible, please. I would go for "more refinement" over "more content" anytime. If I'm disappointed by the game I might very well never finish it anyway, so more content won't really affect me. However, if the game is super solid and fulfills its promises, I will happily buy one or two addons (not DLC, real addons) to have more content, convince my friends to buy it, and offer the game to those of them who didn't purchase it PS: should you go for more content anyway, wilderness is a great way to give a sense of a true exploration and adventure. This alone makes me prefer BG 1 over BG 2, despite the amazing improvements made in the second opus.
  5. Great update! I'm really excited :D especially after reading the full transcript on pcworld.com Just wondering how the combat system will feel compared to D&D in general.
  6. From reactions I've read here, it seems to me that most of you would actually really enjoy something very very close to BG1. With basically one modification: being given reasons to go back to some of these open areas later on; which would be a great improvement indeed . As for Arcanum, it's way too extreme, there, of course. Plenty of open areas, sure, but there's no point walking from city to city, as it literally takes hours to encounter a single opponent on the way. Using fast travel therefore becomes a must, and then it's exactly as if you had NO open areas to begin with. I would be strongly against something like that too (but I love that game, for the rest).
  7. I'm not saying that this is suitable for PE, but Arcanum had a very interesting approach to stats, in my opinion. It might be too complicated (= too much stats), but you tell me. You basically have 4 big characteristics: Power; Skill; Resistance; Appearance; each of them having a Physical & a Mental counterpart. In the end, this gives 8 stats: Power: Strength (Physical) & Intelligence (Mental); Skill: Dexterity (Physical) & Perception (Mental); Resistance: Constitution (Physical) & Willpower (Mental); Appearance: Beauty (Physical) & Charisma (Mental). I've found this very well-thought, and actually very accurate.
  8. Just keep it to 3D isometric/2D. Even the 3D portrait in DragonAge was unnecessary: a nice drawing is more than enough (and, actually, better) for my tastes. If you want games with 3D models you can zoom in, and featuring half-naked fighting chicks*, there are plenty out there: knock yourself out. Note that most of these games are pretty bad too, but at least you'll have want you asked for. *But remember: they are not real if they're made of polygons .
  9. Yeah, as a 250$ backer, the most important thing for me is NO LEVEL SCALING! It removes all challenge and makes character levelling almost pointless. It makes the game boring. I've seen some people find excuses to this. But let me give an example, based on Final Fantasy VII, which I'm sure many of you have played. Once you had left Midgar, there were very scary monsters ("Midgar Zoloms") that would instantly kill your whole party using a single spell ("Beta"). That spell could be learned (provided that you survived) but that you be for later (once you have much more hit points); you were supposed to use a Chocobo to pass that area safely. I loved staying there, training for a while, in order to be tough enough to learn that spell using the elemental materia; I simply loved the challenge! And many people did: I've just seen that there are many videos about that on youtube. I don't want player-friendly areas. I like when NPCs tell you "don't go North, there are extremely dangerous things there" and that it turns out to be true: monsters eat you for breakfast there. What makes this great is that you can then start to think of ways to defeat these enemies, and then go there earlier than you were supposed to, and still manage to win, because you had prepared for it thoroughly. I don't want monsters to be tougher (= be the same level as I am) because I'm higher level, where's the fun, what's the point? Am I so important to the equilibrium of the whole world that everybody (wild animals included) are constantly following my progression and train in order to be able to defeat me (but just barely)? I can understand if it's done in very specific occasions, like an assassin coming for you at some point in the story (it then actually makes sense), but that's nothing like designing the whole game that way. I don't like the way it's done in DragonAge either (said to be the great successor of Baldur's Gate..); the level is based on the level you had the first time you entered the zone (if I'm not mistaken). It's more refined but it's still the same crappy idea. I don't understand why people design games this way, basically use the same monster but change its color to give a sense of "evolution": we might as well all remain (monsters and players) level 1, then. It might be just me, but I wouldn't call that an RPG. If only this tendency in the video game industry could just stop at last!
  10. In my opinion, some nice music is way more desirable than the player house we know we will have.
  11. I just loved the open areas of BG1. This might be because it felt so nice to start the adventure by going through in a lot of forests and mountains, especially knowing that the main character stayed all his life within the walls of Candlekeep. The mood this sets you in, right at the start of the game, is incomparable in my opinion. I didn't like the start of BG2 so much in comparison: a rather long dungeon, followed by a HUGE city. I've always felt like I have to visit every corner before leaving Athkatla, which takes quite a while and is a bit coercive. Another possibility is, of course, to leave and try keep track of the areas you haven't visited yet, but it doesn't sounds so good either. On the contrary, the city of Baldur's Gate, in BG1, is definitely a place you want to visit: the fact that you cannot enter it at the start, and all the things you discover slowly as the main plot is revealed, make you really eager to enter. In the end, it sounds rather similar: you have open areas, and a big city. But I believe that the way (and the order in which) they are presented to the player is also important.
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