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  1. Depends. The portal does seem to be behind but the tracking numbers are hit or miss. Mine showed my goodies arriving at a certain post office on the 25th. It's stayed there since and only today left the facility on a suddenly upgraded delivery method. =\ So it's not that the info wasn't updated, it's that some idiot probably lost my stuff for a bit. Others, of course, just have tracking info that wasn't updated and their stuff will just kind of show up or has already. Not upset with Obsidian, more annoyed at USPS but I almost always expect disappointment from them.
  2. I'll take my goodies and my digital download first and patiently await my swanky disk, good sirs and madams. Thank you for asking.
  3. Same. I'm rather disappointed with the news. It didn't need to be anything gratuitous but a little, persistent flirtation at least, provided they were well-written, would have been nice.
  4. Well, now I just want a romanceable squirrel, or maybe a squirrel dating sim. Actually, there's already a pidgeon-dating sim that's been out for a while so... close enough?
  5. Well, Obsidian's gotten their blood money now, plus some. I can has badges now? EDIT: That was fast. Heh.
  6. Back sit--wha, what?! On bill day? Curse you Obsidian! Now I have to wait two weeks to up my pledge. Come on, you know I'm good for it... Also, thanks.
  7. I think I would be incredibly disappointed if some of the stretch goals were discarded. Probably mostly because stretch goals are an implicit promise of sorts. KSers and PP backers often specifically donate more because they want to see these things in the game. They expect that if they put out extra funds they'll get to see some of those extra features although I hope we all understand that developing anything on a large scale is a financial risk. Costs change, some features don't pan out the way they're conceived in the planning stage (not fun, feasible, practical), and time constraints interfere. We can hope that everything was properly evaluated in advance to reduce waste and loss of any features anyone was anticipating but at the very least, if there's no other choice but to start cutting content, we should have a voice in which content gets cut. But we should have faith, the team seems to have an impressive track record and they've been very transparent and open with us so far.
  8. I demand that the best one is called Phone Book. Who wouldn't want to be able to talk about how their level 2 Mage defeated the Almighty Dragon of Doom by slapping him with a Phone Book? Win.
  9. Games that are made for PC should probably stay on PC and games that are made for console should stay on console. Unless it was the design intention right from the beginning porting never seems to work especially well and even when it is sometimes the game just flops. How about we just let the game come out first before we start asking the PE team to stretch their funds further? There's a nice long while before Beta or even Alpha. Don't have a PC? Now would be the time to start saving or buying parts to build your own.
  10. Being a starving college student I'll be eating ramen for the entirety of the next month now. I already upped about four times from 35 to 140, plus Order dues. Oi.
  11. Ah, why not? http://www.kickstarter.com/profile/222429366 Let's see... how about 'Violet Lady of the Obsidian Order'?
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