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  1. I've avoided just about all info about this game since I donated in the beginning. I have faith that they will not disappoint. This was my first kickstarter i've donated to so I'm excited.
  2. Anyone know how big the download size is? Will this game be comparable in size to Baldur's Gate or Neverwinter Nights?
  3. The implication is that the 'stash' is not bottomless. See the bolded text below: Of course, that may just refer to equipped items and top-of-pack stuff, but it does seem to suggest the stash can be filled as well. Perhaps. Ah, I missed that. That clears things up a bit.
  4. I'm not sure if the "stash" option is something I really like. Having just a limited amount of space in your inventory on the road and choosing what you were going to take and what you were going to leave behind made the game a little bit more challenging. Maybe I'm not understanding it fully though.
  5. Because they do need the budget to build the other big city. that's the reason. I understand that. I just feel that maybe they could have laid that goal out maybe a couple of days ago for that extra push.
  6. So you're thinking that this announcement might create a big surge in donations with just 4 days left? If it were to happen, then I really underestimated this project... not to say that what they have already done is incredible.
  7. I would agree except for number 5. I don't see them making it that open-ended, however I certainly want to have some freedom to where I can go(like backtracking and side quests).
  8. Why did they have to make that second city goal at 3.5? That's like a hail mary pass they are hoping to catch. I would have thought 3, because that's what I think they will come real close to. Either way, I'm still beyond pleased that it has gone this far.
  9. Very nice screenshot. I especially like the carved out statues by the entrance. Almost gives me a feeling of Lord Of The Rings.
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