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  1. Going by the Windows suckage pattern, I think I'll skip this one and wait for win 9. I've seen a couple of videos and read up on a couple of sites, and what I'm seeing does not excite me at all. It actually annoys me to the point where I just might never upgrade from WinXP. Though Win7 is alright too I guess...
  2. Thank you, sir. These types of subjects are really interesting and important to me. I'm glad to be able to contribute
  3. Can't really buy the book, but from the description Ex-****ing-actly. What most indian teachings aim to tell us is how to let go of the material world (for them it's an illusion anyway, or the veil of Maya). In order for you to truly become one with "God", or see the Absolute, first the SELF must die, that is, as Augustine says, to make room for the Absolute to enter. The problem with 99.99% of people is that they live with a subjective view of the world. People consider themselves the Absolute Object, and thus they constantly keep reflecting back at themselves, never actually steppin
  4. What prosper is asking is not about religious faith, but rather about faith itself and why should bother with it. Right. There is a difference between religious faith and faith in general, although religious faith is based on faith (duh). Religion in all of its forms sprung out of the lack of understanding human beings had about their surrounding world. You can trace how knowledge and reason have integrated themselves into religions merely by looking at belief systems a few thousand years back. The greeks had many gods, the romans had many gods, not to mention the celts. All those
  5. No, my answers are based on philosophically explaining to you what faith is, you can take it or leave it. For some reason I can't edit my post, but anyway, here's some things for you prosper. Everything you do is based on your faith in something. You go to bed with the belief that you will wake up in the morning. You need faith in order to have purpose. Once again, I repeat faith is a product of the self-awareness. It is how humans function. It is part of existence, so the answer to your question "Why bother with faith" is because you cannot exist normally without it. It is lesson we c
  6. No, my answers are based on philosophically explaining to you what faith is, you can take it or leave it.
  7. No prosper, I have given you the answer to your questions. It is not the answer that is in your head, that you believe to be true, it is the actual answer as to why we need faith, and how faith comes to man. Faith is a function of the consciousness, or more like I said a function of the self-awareness. That is exactly the reason why an animal cannot have faith.
  8. Posting in a prosper thread. Prosper, you raise lots of questions, yet you give no answers. Do you yourself have doubts about faith, or are you looking for a discussion on the questions you have raised? Sentient beings always have faith in something, that applies to even having faith that you don't need faith. Its just a function of the conscience. They might not know they need faith, but faith comes naturally to conscious beings (I might as well add here beings who also posses self-awareness). At any rate, faith can grossly affect your will. Let me give you an example, Viktor Fran
  9. Minesweeper has more roleplaying and story than dragon age 2. DA2 was a rushed mess, you've got EA to thank for that.
  10. Requesting a lock on this thread. This will lead to nothing good and will probably end up ugly.
  11. Best list proposed. I would also add Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines and the Fallout series (you can skip Fallout 3 and go to New Vegas directly). Haven't played neverwinter nights 2 myself but I've heard good things (and bad, but apparently they can be overlooked) about it, so you can add that and also its 2 expansions are supposably good. Also Temple of Elemental Evil, if you want to get a feel for what the special modes they'll be introducing will feel like.
  12. Come on bro, don't jerk us around. I'm dead serious, Dragon Age II was a very innovative game. It solved a countless array of problems, from boring things happening when a player pushes a button, to homophobic player companions, to unnecessarily complicated dialogue trees. I hope that Dragon Age III and Project Eternity both take this a step further, making conversations even more cinematic, adding potential LIs with a more inclusive range of sexual identities, and making the combat even more immersive. Confirmed for volourn alt. Also your trolling is really obvious. The unholl
  13. What don't you understand? This forum is half rpgcodex, some /v/ and reddit, bsn refugees and tiny bits of people not related to either of those sites. A deadly combination if I ever saw one.
  14. Thanks friend, I'am actually going to be making a sort of game prototyping tool for my last year project at uni, so the tools you linked will help out in regards to what is expected from such tools. Cheers
  15. I love that they are giving us a cooking with Tim Cain book, but I demand a book entitled Drinking with Chris Avellone. After his hilarious antics at the closing party I would love to see the tips the man can give us. Just imagine: How to Train Your Liver Chris goes into detail how he prepares his liver for the inevitable massive consumption of alcohol. The art of Wooooo Chris goes into detail how important the art of woooing while drunk can help liven up any party. How to get over a hang-over After consuming said amount of alcohol, and beyond at the after-after-party, C
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