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  1. Are you familiar with the political term "gerrymandering"?

    This is what some of you are doing. You see a group of people. The majority of them is heterosexual. The minority is not.
    And what you do is to divide these people into subsets, so that there are more subsets with a majority of non-heterosexual people.
    And then you claim that THE majority is not heterosexual.

    In this concrete context, you simply dismiss all the characters in the game outside of the party.
    Five out of seven companions are bisexual. That is THE majority. The majority of what?
    You are dismissing all the other people in the game just so you can make that statement.

    Also you are showing that you have no knowledge of statistics at all. If let's say 5% of a population were gay that does not mean
    that whichever random group of people you pick out of that population, that no more than 5% of people of that chosen group can be gay.
    That is not how statistics work.

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    Everyone is bisexual and sex mad. 



    Because god forbid somebody will complain that they can't romance anybody with anybody  :rolleyes:



    But now somebody might complain that everyone is bisexual and sex mad!


    If only Obsidian would find a way to please everyone. Yeah that's what they tried by making everyone bisexual. But they didn't take into account the people who would dislike that.

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  3. There Sonic, in your face!


    I dare you, call me fanboy again!



    C'mon I know you want to. How long can you resist?

    @Sonic, what you are doing is the very same thing that you accuse so called fanboys of. Just the exact opposite. Fanboys are immune to any kind of criticism of the thing that they are fanboy of. And you are immune to any kind of positive review of Pillars of Eternity 2 on this forum.

    Just as a fanboy would dismiss all negative reviews. You are dismissing all positive ones.

    Then it is no wonder actually how you can draw the conclusion that the majority of reviews is negative. Because you don't take the positive reviews into any account at all. You deny their existence just as a fanboy would deny the existence of any negative review.

    You're not so different from me. Scary thought, isn't it?

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  4. I am a fanboy of Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire.


    But that's not all! I am a fanboy despite having not even played the game yet! Bummer!


    But that's not all either! I am a fanboy because I question how a "huge improvement" between two games can be expressed

    by giving both games the score of zero.


    Label using is so fun isn't it. Just label anyone a "fanboy" and you can dismiss their opinion as invalid, unworthy, not important or biased without having to explain anything. So there is just one thing I have to do. Find a label for you and call you that!
    And then I could easily dismiss your opinion in a similar way.

    But the weather is just too nice outside today. I'll leave this for a rainy day to do :)
    Have fun! Enjoy the day! :)

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  5. Overall this game is still a huge improvement over Pillars 1.


    So what does that mean for the score of Pillars 1?


    There aren't negative scores. Should there be an exception for Pillars 1? From all the games, ever made and criticized on Metacritic, Pillars 1 should be the one where a negative score should be allowed?


    Or how would you like to express the "huge improvement" of Deadfire over Pillars 1?


    The improvement is so huge, that a score of 0 is warranted for both games?


    The guy you quoted might have gone out of proportions with his criticism

    No, that does not explain it. You said "might".

    So your sentence can be interpreted that way that you think it's rather unlikely that the guy actually went out of proportions with his criticism.

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  6. Teku is just great. He's so alive, open, emotional...  somehow very easy-to-understand and exotic at the same time. Plus it feels like he changes hella lot while travelling with you. He has plenty of interactions, dialogues about Huana quests and main story. And they are never meaningless. So... if someone calls him shallow I just won't understand :)

    Thank you! That's what I was hoping for! Of course eventually I will only see if I agree or disagree with that when I play the game myself. But at the moment I don't have time.

    I really hope I will see Tekehu the same way!

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  7. The huge irony in the Italian translation actually being bad when the language is mimicked... 

    Yeah, that is a shame, really. Something should be done about that.


    I know the work should not be left for the Italian gamers to do. But if they find Italian translation errors maybe there should be someone they can send the corrections to?


    It should not be just left in that state if it's really so bad!

  8. Oh, for many people posting on English-language message boards it's not necessarily about not understanding themselves. I've been playing games in English since Ultima Underworld, I read a lot of English, and I'm fairly confident I get what's on the screen. Although more obscure, purple or obsolete phrases can rip you out of the flow.

    But your native language feels more natural, you're more at home in it, and you understand things faster and more... subconsciously? Not sure how to express that. It's a lot more intuitive, and even if you're quite good at a foreign language, it's still more of an effort. When I listen to German music, I have to make an effort if I want to _not_ automatically get the lyrics (and I usually fail). In English, it's the other way 'round - most of the time, I can easily switch off understanding much of the lyrics. Hard to explain. :)

    That's interesting. For the very reason that I'm more at home in my native language I don't want to play in it.


    Because I use games as a mean of escapism. And to escape even better it helps me when I leave my native language also behind.

    Playing in my native language constantly reminds me that I'm still "here" and not "there".


    But that's very subjective and it's just me. I can see how people could feel right the other way around.

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  9. I felt there was too little (little or few which is correct?) combat. Based on the argument "well thats because you didnt do X and you made the choice not have combat", by that logic one could argue against anything with that such as: the game doesnt work - "well thats because you need to learn to program and develop software and fix it so its your own fault, you are the one who made the decision to buy it and not to learn programming"


    I'm not sure if that comparison works. It is the developers responsibility to fix the bugs and to make it run on all the devices it is supposed to run on. That is not your responsibility, obviously.


    The game offers a lot of quests with a lot of dialogues. But the game also offers a lot of combats.

    You as the player, would like to see more combats.


    So what you do is to seek out more dialogue-heavy quests and avoid combats.

    And then you are annoyed at seeing more dialogue-heavy quests and no combats...


    If the game offers both, lots of dialogues, but also lots of combats, and you prefer combats then it is your job to seek out the combats.

    And people in this thread have given you enough advice on how to do that.

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  10. Seems the extra time for bug squashing didn't do any good for the game, should you trust them?


    You don't see the bugs that were fixed prior to release. You don't have any knowledge at all how many and which bugs were fixed during that extra time.


    It's more reasonable to assume the game would have had a lot more bugs if it had been released one month earlier than to assume that the one extra month did nothing good at all.


    You have no way of comparing the state of the game from one month before release to the state of the game right at release.

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  11. One more negative review, this time from Metacritic again.

    The spoiler reveals if a certain companion is romanceable or not. Click at your own risk!








    I could post this in the romance threads in the spoiler section, however, I've had a very unpleasant time there. Actually I wouldn't be surprised if some people from that thread agree with that review above.

    The review rates the whole game with that score based on that one fact...


    Also, I'm not trying to make romance the topic of this thread. If you would like to discuss romance options in the game, please go here and join this thread. Good luck...

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  12. Look what I found...

    The Backer Recognition Log!!!


    Now, before you read it, please be aware of one thing. Obsidian was given a free pass to change the backer recognition lines after their liking so that they would fit better into the game. And they did adjust the entries. In most cases, the meaning of your recognition lines is still there. But they changed the wording and sometimes added a bit or left a bit away. I hope you are not upset about that.

    For me, the most important thing about the backer recognition lines was always that they'd fit into the game. I would never want them to break the 4th wall. So I stressed to Obsidian that they are free to adjust the entries, yes, even without consulting us first.


    Also be aware, if you go and read that log, you will be spoiled the name of the captain of the Black Isle Bastards. You may not want to do that...

    So read the log at your own risk ;)

    Black Isle Bastards Backer recognition lines.

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    AHAHAHAHA! Omg! Omg omg omg omg! *starts to hyperventilate*


    :wowey: :wowey: :wowey: :wowey: :wowey:


    That is so awesome! I LOVE IT!


    And Aarik didn't tell me xD He left me completely in the dark about this! He gave me some infos about the BIBs in the middle of April but he didn't mention this xD


    He did mention an Obsidian sword or an obsidian blade. But he didn't say it was an actual macuahuitl!


    I love it! Man, it's such a shame I can't play the game right now because of time constraints. It's getting more and more harder to resist...



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