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    I can see myself traveling with Edér, Aloth, Tekehu and Rekke as my main canon party.


    So with no spoilers, Rekke, is he an interesting companion?


    Not for nothing, but if you try to recruit Tek with Rekke in the party Rekke spits out a gibberish line and Tek doesn't get added to the party. Works normally if Rekke isn't in the party at the time.


    Wait, is that intended? As a meaning that they don't get along, or is it simply a bug? :huh:

  2. I do understand and agree that there is an obvious lack of unique clubs.
    And a pretty obvious surplus of unique sword.


    My question would be, if that alone is reason enough to change the weapon type of the Kapana Taga.

    Especially when I would assume that the upcoming DLCs will try to address the shortages of certain weapon types anyway.


    Frankly I haven't used it in any of by builds because other swords were always more tempting.


    That is okay and I take that into consideration. I have also already found some builds on the forum that use the Kapana Taga, like here and here.

    I would say it's still too early to say if it can compete with the other swords. We would need more data for that. And again the question would be, does that warrant changing its weapon type?

    Will people ignore the Kapana Taga as long as it is a sword but almost always use it as long as its a club?
    Well if it's a club, then you have two unique clubs. So players who use clubs may be more likely to use it. But will players actually turn from sword to clubs just for the Kapana Taga?

    Aren't players more likely to invest in swords and use swords because there are so many swords in the first place? Yes, that means the competition for the Kapana Taga as a sword is higher. But we may have more players who use swords than clubs to begin with. Those effects could cancel each other out.

    And again all of this line of thinking seems wrong to me.

    The Kapana Taga has characteristics from both swords and clubs. If we cannot have a multitype "sword/club", then I'd say the Kapana Taga should be of the type that it resembles most. And that is of course a matter of subjective opinion and perception.

    And I regard a macuahuitl as both, sword-like and club-like - but more of a sword than a club. But I'm very well aware that you can see it easily enough the other way around.

  3. I'm having a bit of a harder time with this as I thought I would.

    There may be only one unique club in the game, true.

    And there may be many unique swords, true. But there is only one unique sword that offers crush damage. That makes the Kapana Taga truly special in my eyes. As a sword!

    From a club I'd expect crush damage.

    And if you then change its type to club and don't call it an "obsidian sword" anymore in the description text either. Well then I don't feel it's the same weapon anymore, even though technically speaking it still is. I do like referencing the macuahuitl as an "obsidian sword" though. That is how you can call them too in our world.

    So in short, I feel that the Kapana Tage is far more unique, special and outstanding as a sword, not a club.

    Also I'm not sure if the lack of clubs is "our problem" (i.e. the problem of the BIB backers) so to say. And I'm not sure that one additional unique club is solving the shortage of unique clubs.

    From future DLCs I would expect more unique clubs to be added anyway. And then the Kapana Taga would be less special as a club. But it would always be special as a sword for its crush damage.

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  4. So, one other question:

    In the description text of the Kapana Taga, the weapon is currently referred to as an "obsidian sword".

    To my ears, "obsidian sword" sounds awesome. That is also how macuahuitls in our world can be referred to.
    However, "obsidian club" does not quite have the same ring in my ears.

    So the question would be: If the type is changed to club, should the description text change as well?

    A bit strange, huh, when you have a weapon that is a club but it's referenced as a sword.
    On the other hand, exactly that can be seen as a way to express the duality of this weapon's nature.

  5. Greetings everyone,

    it seems there is only one unique club in the game, but many unique swords. So Aarik approached me and asked if they could change the type of the Kapana Taga to club.

    The Kapana Taga is based on a macuahuitl which can be seen as both a sword and a club.

    You will be able to find many sources on the Internet that call it club or sword or both.

    The question here is, what is your preference. Would you like its type changed to club? Everything else about the weapon would stay the same.

    Also note, the decision to change its type or not is not bound by the result of this poll. I would just like to know what everyone thinks about this. But in the end, the backers of the weapon will have the final word on this.

  6. Okay, everyone, attention please!

    I was approached by Aarik who asked me if they could change the type of our weapon.

    Everything else inside the spoiler tag:




    There is only one unique club in the game but many, many unique swords. So Aarik asked me if they could change the type of our weapon to club. Everything else about the weapon would stay the same.

    I think a macuahuitl can be seen as both, a sword and a club. You'll be able to find arguments to call it both ways. You can look at wikipedia in different languages for example. Sometimes it's referred to as an obsidian sword that is club-like. Sometimes it's outright called a club. There are other sources on the Internet that call it a wooden sword. Or a club that is sword-like.

    There are also sources that call it both ways actually. So what we'd need are "multiclasses" for weapons I guess :p
    But since there are none, we have to decide.

    Should the Kapana Taga stay a sword or become a club?
    Again, nothing else would change about our weapon! Only its type.




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  7. Man, now I'm even more bummed I missed the dealine on the recognition. Still it was a ton fun to try and match the entries to the different forums members.


    10/10 would contribute again. :)

    I on the other hand did not contribute to the recognition lines deliberately.


    That's my personal opinion, but I'm rather not fond of ingame recognition. My personal opinion is, that recognition should be done outside of the game.


    But don't let me take your joy out of the recognition lines. You certainly deserve recognition and a lot of thanks! Everyone of you who contributed! :wub:

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  8. I don't even understand why the German news are full with this :(
    I do not care about it. I wish them all the best in the world but I think it's absolutely not necessary that every German news portal
    has about 3 to 5 articles (some even more) about the upcoming marriage.

  9. Some feedback from another thread. Makes me happy when I read that other players have fun with our content :)

    (Careful, name of the captain of the Black Isle Bastards is revealed within the spoiler tags, albeit misspelled)


    Just destroyed the Black Isle Bastards and Captain Fygist and it was fun. Double Bronzers are the way to go! The Kapana Taga looks like an interesting sword.



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