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  1. In other words, Deadfire is selling so badly that not only a Pillars of Eternity 3 is totally out of question, but Obsidian is also at the brink of bankruptcy and may very well close down for good soon.

    There you have it. That is what you wanted. The worst possible scenario. JUMP AT IT! Bask in the negativity. Oh yes, it's so bad!

    Think I can add a little bit more of negativity? You bet!
    Because let's be honest, it is soon one month after release and the game is still in an UNPLAYABLE completely BROKEN state. So Obsidian closing down is only what they deserve for delivering such a complete mess.

    Not to mention all the things in the game that THE majority doesn't even like, like the main story, the characters, the side quests, the combat, the music....

    Note: There may be traces of sarcasm in this post. If you find them, you may keep them. :)

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  2. It's plain as day and night that "in real" it's about masks in general.

    Well for me it's plain as day and night that "in real" it's about muslim women only, while they pretend that it's about any kind of masks.


    So I'd guess we are at the point where we agree to disagree and move on ;)

  3. They always argue about burkas when such a law is being talked about. Maybe not directly when it actually matters, but otherwise they do.

    But they can't express that in a law. Because such a law would very probably be against the Austrian constitution for the very fact that it would be discriminatory.


    So they had to find a law that bans burkas and such but that was not discriminatory.


    And their solution was to ban any kind of anything that covers the face.

  4. Always expected such a law to go down that road, so it doesn't surprise me at all. Really, they punch it through with the argument of burkas, because people are scared of them, but really it's just to get everyone they want who's wearing a mask (which usually happens at demonstrations).

    Nope. They don't punch it through with the arguments of burkas. They can't. They are not allowed to. That would be discriminatory.


    And in order to not discriminate they must forbid any kind of anything that covers the face. Doing that they can't be accused of being discriminatory. Because as you can see, even people wearing shark costumes or scarves in their face are forbidden from doing so.


    They don't care for shark costumes or scarves, however. They ONLY care for burkas and similiar veils. It's really just to get muslim women who cover their faces.

  5. I haven't played the game yet. I won't have time to do it for many more months. (Regarding spoilers: I don't mind mild spoilers, or I wouldn't be hanging around here).

    The thing is, from my point of view, it is very hard what to expect from Deadfire. While the game has relatively high scores on Metacritic and Steam, I see many people here and also on Steam who express what they don't like about the game.

    Not only is the main storyline allegedly mediocre to very bad. But the characters are allegedly bland with no depth at all. The side quests are boring. The music is bad. I'm reading so many negative things here and on Steam.

    Do I need to expect one of the "worst games ever" when I play the game? And that is how a Steam review actually called the game, "the worst game ever".

    I don't understand how that matches the relatively high scores on Metacritic and on Steam.

    A thread like this also worries me. "In Defense of the Story" - such a title makes me wonder why the story would need someone to defend it in the first place. If there was nothing wrong with the story why would anyone feel they need to defend it?

    All of this makes me want to ask you: Is Deadfire really THAT bad?

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  6. Wow. Interesting.

    I remember how Storm of Zehir reminded me of Heroes of Might and Magic, exactly because of the overland map. That's why I was so intrigued by Storm of Zehir. How could a roleplaying game give me the feeling of a HoMM game? That was quite an interesting experience for me.


    First of all lemme start a riot. Heroes 5 Is the best HoMM game! /Hide

    I love heroes of might and magic, and I'm so sad Ubisoft have destroyed it. Go forth Obsidian and slowly morph pillars into HoMM ;P

    No, Heroes of Might and Magic 3 is. Closely followed by Heroes of Might and Magic 2.
    And no that is not only my personal, subjective opinion but also known, objective, fact. Deal with it. 8)

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  7. I voted club because actually it's used and handled like a club. You won't thrust with it, you won't parry with it, you won't use half-swording and so on.


    You just wack stuff (with a bit of edge alignment) and cut because that paddle has razor sharp splinters.

    You wield it more like a club that can cut than like a sword that can crush.


    I order to make it a more unique club it could do slash/crush damage - unlike other clubs.

    What I would really dislike is if the type would only be changed because there are so many unique swords and far too few unique clubs. That's the wrong reason in my opinion.


    The reason should have something to do with the Kapana Taga alone. And you gave such a reason.




    "Obsidian Sword" is an alternate way of calling a "macuahuitl" in our world. That's why I love calling it "Obsidian Sword" in the game. I'm pretty sure they won't introduce the term "macuahuitl" and that's good.


    So changing it to a club would mean you'd have an "Obsidian Sword" that is a club. Or you'd call it "Obsidian Club" and then you'd lose the indirect reference to macuahuitls.


    For the moment I'm inclined to let this question unanswered/open. We will probably not be able to change the type of the weapon back and forth whenever and however we like. So there will probably be no way back once it's changed. So I would prefer to let some more time pass. Let players play the game and discover our weapon. Let them experience it. Let them give time to form an opinion that we can take into consideration.


    And let there be time for Obsidian to introduce new unique clubs, so that people don't just want to change the type of the Kapana Taga for the single reason that there should be more clubs.

  8. Interesting, just skimming the news and I came upon this article... which for some reason reminded me of this thread.

    It talks about the so called "incels", involuntary celibates.

    A group of men who believe among other things that “Women are the ultimate cause of our suffering” and “They are the ones who have UNJUSTLY made our lives a living hell… We need to focus more on our hatred of women. Hatred is power.”


    The article says that the so called "Incels aren’t really looking for sex; they’re looking for absolute male supremacy. Sex, defined to them as dominion over female bodies, is just their preferred sort of proof."

    If you have any difficulties to understand the mindset of certain people, try reading that article. To me, it certainly explains, where some ideas in this thread are coming from.

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  9. But....why? I don't ****ing understand this. Why does it have be some kind of propaganda for women to go do stuff while men watch the children?

    Because there are people who strongly believe that it is any man's job to get the food on the table and any woman's job to stay at home and raise the children and do the chores. And any idea that dares deviate from that view is regarded as SJW propaganda.


    But mind you, there are also many people who only pretend to think that way to get strong reactions from other people. So you really don't know who actually thinks that way or not.


    This thread is almost like an invitation for certain people to come here an try to get strong reactions from other people.

    And the stronger you react and show how shocked you are the more fun it is for them to try to "trigger" you even more.


    So the only appropriate reaction to this thread in my view can be very well expressed by this smiley: -_-

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    while we are at it, Fyrgist is basically Feargus (Urquhart), right? considering he's also affiliated with "Black Isle Bastards". i wonder if the sword's name is a reference to something.


    According to google translate it's filipino for "partner."


    I don't know if the translation is correct. I have no idea about filipino and google translator is not very reliable.

    But if the translation is correct think about it this way:

    His weapon is his partner. What is his weapon made of? Obsidian... Get it now?


    Captain Fyrgist of the Black Isle Bastards wielding an Obsidian Sword...

    Would sound very suspicious to me :p

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