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  1. Random nit picky stuff: -Add a toggle to the combat log that allows it to show entries relevant to the currently selected character only, i.e damage taken and damage dealt. This will make it easier to get an overview of a characters performance or figure out why they died etc -For AoE damage spells show some damage numbers in the summary, just use a comma separated list or something, I don't like having to expand entries just to get a rough idea of the damage -If elemental lashes make a return consider showing the damage in a separate log entry, having to mouse over to see lash damage is annoying and it actually makes them feel less impactful than elemental damage bonuses in the IE games for example (even though it's very much the opposite.) -In the stats page consider breaking down damage dealt by type, so players could look at things like the raw damage dealt as a proxy for the effectiveness of your wounding weapon. As well as damage consider showing the total inflicted duration of common status effects, so you could look at the effectiveness of stunning weapons among other things. -This is a lot to ask, but with the disposition system I think it would be nice if there just a few checks that require combinations of dispositions. So for example someone would trust you with something if you are both Diplomatic and Rational, or an npc could recognize that you are both Cruel and Honest. Or if you are both Cruel and Benevolent or Deceptive and Honest someone should point out that you're a bit of a weirdo. -Pistol should be a noble weapon! I want to use a Rapier and Pistol dammit
  2. I suppose the solution is to stop buying Obsidian games and simply wait patiently for Nintendo to make a game like PoE.
  3. What is the Carnage damage actually? Is it just some percentage of your normal damage? And does carnage benefit from all the things that your normal attack does, like from weapon styles, weapon bonuses like the DR pen on an estoc, or modals like Vulnerable Attack? I like Weapon Focus Peasant, you have spears for accuracy and hatchets for defense and a quarterstaff if you need a reach weapon. Thinking about using reach weapons actually, Is the carnage AoE centered around the player or the target? I'd quite like being able the attack from the back lines with a squishy DPS character.
  4. A minor addition to this issue, I noticed damage from DoTs doesn't appear to be counted in the character damage record on the character sheet.
  5. Not sure about the conditions for this but I think I've noticed it a few times in the Skaen ruins. You can see it at the bottom of the combat log here:
  6. I tried a bog standard ranged DPS build and it seemed pretty good tbh. Kind of one dimensional but it did a lot of damage. I feel like this is what you're supposed to do with a ranger, I don't really follow the arguments for doing other stuff. I went for an arbalest build with Swift Aim, Weapon Focus, Gunner and stuff like that. One thing I noticed about Stalkers Link was that it wasn't strictly necessary for the bear to be attacking the target, just for it to be the intended target. So if you wanted to keep your bear safe you could tell it to attack someone and then cast a stuck effect on it to keep it in place and still get the bonus.
  7. I might the only one who cares about this but I'm probably going to roll a Priest in my first game as I really like the class in general, but I find the abilities the Priest gets from their deity specific talents underwhelming. I have fond memories of choosing my domain spells in various 3e games and I think it was a very cool style of character building, I hope Obsidian considers developing this aspect further in the expansion. For now though maybe a small buff is in order. Now arguably those talents are worth taking for the weapon accuracy bonus alone but that's not really the point for me, I don't care so much about making every talent equally valuable compared to every other talent, but I do think it's nice if the deity choices feel impactful and distinct. So simple suggestion that wouldn't break anything: -Bump it to 2 uses per day -Make it the actual version of the spell not a lesser version, are spells like Dazzling Lights and Corrosive Siphon really so good the priest has to have a lesser version of them? Wilder suggestion, just add the bonus spell to the Priest spell book at the appropriate level to be cast whenever consuming slots as normal. This is how domain spells worked and it would add to the versatility of the class.
  8. Some damage over time spells in the game still have problems, and I think they should be reviewed. Problems are: -damage not matching the description -damage not being influenced by enemy DR -damage not being influenced by elemental talents like Scion of Flame/Spirit of Decay I'm not sure if this is a general DoT issue, the spells I looked at were Brilliant Radiance, Autumn's Decay and Shining Beacon. For example Autumn's Decay with a 10 might Druid says 30 damage in the description and appears to deal 42 damage irrespective of DR. Adding the Spirit of Decay talent had no influence. Similarly the damage from Brilliant Radiance was not influenced by Scion of Flame.
  9. Played a bit of this build. Made a chanter with might, int and a bit of dex. Took Gunner, Penetrating Shot and Marksman with Sure Handed Ila using the lead splitter. Seemed totally broken. Stopped doing it after a few fights it was so daft. Probably just the weapon that needs toning down. The chanter invocations seemed like a bit of a mixed bag, I hope they give them another pass. It's good you have a reason to use something other than Thrice She Was Wronged now although it might have been overnerfed. The summon phantom spell seemed good, as well as the force push and the paralyze one but the rest seemed a bit meh and situational, especially when you can only choose three per level. Like bonus DR against slash and shock only, or bonus def against paralyze effects. (The latter should at least be buffed in line with the priest prayer line of spells.) I also tried an interrupt based Wizard. I maxed Per and Dex with a bit of Int, and dumped Res, and then took Blast and Weapon Focus for wands. Then spent a lot of time casting Eldritch Aim + Alacrity and then just using my wand to look for AoE interrupts, sometimes using Miasma of Dull Mindedness to debuff enemy concentration. It actually seemed sort of decent, I was definitely getting a ton of interrupts with blast anyway, hard to say how much impact it was having. (I also tried the Interrupting Blows talent but that didn't seem to do anything? I wonder if they plan to take it out.) It's interesting that interrupts don't seem to prevent ability usage anymore, like before I could use Thrust of Tattered Veils on Adra Beetles to stop them from using their shocking blast, but now it only delays it. Thrust doesn't seem that useful now. Level 4 Wizard spells could use some love, I like the summon spell now it works but Confusion is still only slightly better than the level 2 version, Wall of Flame got nerfed and Iron Skins is still a bit crap, the others are a bit situational. Priest Deity spells seem to be the same, kind of a weak selection, I think they could at least change them to be 3 per rest. (I wouldn't personally have a problem with them just being added to the priest spell book at the appropriate level to be used whenever like domain spells were in D&D.)
  10. Healing spells seem to have taken a pretty big nerf. I think it was needed but may have gone a bit far. It also means spells like Iconic Projection, Consecrated Ground and Watchful Presence are the best healing spells to use. Prey on the Weak and Merciless Companion both nerfed to 1.2x. Not sure about that one. Prey on the Weak was a lot better than the other deity talents but I'd have prefered the other talents get buffed instead. The little campfire movies are a nice touch, I think you should be able to skip them with a double click the way I think you could in IE though.
  11. Sure we know how it is. I wasn't trying to give you a hard time if it came across that way. It's just that I believe you said this would be the last version of the beta which would be a bit of a shame.
  12. I wonder if they'd consider a hotfix for the attribute problems. It's hard to give good feedback about the combat when the BB rogue is interrupting on every hit. I suppose I can make a custom party where everyone has 10 dex and 10 per.
  13. In the last build the bears had a low-ish will defense so the priest spell Halt was pretty good against them. Only got to play for 15 mins. I notice crit range boosting stuff like minor threat is now converting a percentage of hits into crits. The prayer against line of spells now give +50 defense and suppress affliction lasts 15 seconds. Disciplined barrage now a once per encounter ability. New attribute system seems rubbish tbh.
  14. Haha, the only one who mentioned feminism until you did was... a dev. Way to welcome developer interaction in these forums, Mr. Mod. I believe he is reacting to Luckmann posting tumblr images of neo-nazi quotes.
  15. Has anyone suggested the idea of giving a free "background" talent at level one? The game has quite a few talents that are sort of cool from the perspective of building a roleplaying archetype but a bit difficult to justify taking compared to stuff that gives you new abilities or buffs your basic combat efficiency. Like a lot of the utility talents for example fall into this category. You could make the available set based on the choice of background, so for example the Hunter would get to choose from the favoured enemy type talents, the Mercenary could choose Arms Bearer and Field Triage, the Scientist gets Potent Potions, the Colonist gets Wound Binding, the Mystic gets the elemental damage ones. Some more generic ones like Snakes Reflexes could be available for all. I can't think of any for stuff like the clergyman or artist but maybe they could pick from the general list and get an extra skill point or something.
  16. I think v364 was my favorite. I made a Chanter with high Gentleness, Subtlety and Sticktoitiveness. His caring persona was a disadvantage when fighting due to his low aggression stat, but intelligent enemies would always underestimate him and you could see that in prolonged fights he didn't get bored or frustrated like other characters and he gave his party great encouragement. I also made a fighter with maxed out CaringFather, DarkPast and ParticularSetOfSkills. He was a fairly efficient character, strong against enemies with high distraction, but a bit boring most of the time and tended to make party members uncomfortable if they have high squeamishness. But then if one of his party members got in trouble he would just lose control and there would suddenly be all kinds of medieval carnage. Needed more points in "IThoughtIWasOutButTheyPulledMeBackIn" though, great potential synergy there. People may object that this stuff wasn't strictly "real" or "in the actual game", but this is a rather ignorant perspective and I'm disappointed it got removed in any case.
  17. All stat systems will suffer from incomplete or approximate representation, that not really the same kind of issue as stuff that just makes no sense.
  18. I'm pretty sure nipsen has to be an elaborate troll who may not have even played the beta. I mean are we clear that there has never been a "Resistance" attribute in any version of the game? How can you be so mad about stuff you're just making up? It makes no sense.
  19. I think there should be a bigger penalty for characters falling unconscious. It feels cheap to just sac people sometimes and produces these strange "I better not heal him or he might die" scenarios. This was discussed a lot in the early versions of the beta but the discussion petered out. Hopefully mods will fix it.
  20. I think when overall damage is tuned the deflection stat will be more useful. I'm not sure it needed to be split over two stats though, I wonder if they did that because it was too good before or for the lack of anything else to put on perception. Although it's difficult to know how it all shakes out with possible to changes to class accuracy and deflection values.
  21. Pretty sure dexterity is 3% right now. It hasn't been buffed.
  22. They also buffed Con to 3% Endurance per point, noticed that last night but you can't see it over the mouse cursor. Not sure how I feel about this, it's quite similar to the original system. I know a lot of people didn't like the old Intelligence but I quite liked how Int and Res could be taken on martial classes for different reasons. Like I would take Res on an offensive fighter to buff my knockdowns but also benefit from concentration, and take Int on a tank Paladin to buff deflection but also benefit from better AoE on my auras. Now Int feels like a caster stat again, Res doesn't do that much for backline classes. Having to take two stats to increase deflection makes defensive builds weaker. I guess there's only so much they can keep changing stuff around but I think I would have preferred the current BB system, just with Per changed to 1% accuracy + 1% interrupt and Res, Dex and Con buffed slightly in other ways.
  23. Watching the live stream archive and hold the phone:
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