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  1. I think one way to create the sticky-ness and lack of kiting that Josh wants without making it completely broken might be to eliminate damage entirely from disengagement and have it ONLY interrupt. Make it a essentially stun-lock feature to by used by you and against you. It would still be abusable, but it wouldn't be so broken in player favor. I am not nearly methodical enough to test this though, so maybe I'm talking out my ass. Edit: Elaborating. This setup would enable tactical positioning that battles would need with the entrenchment that the dev team was looking for. Think of it as tripping the enemy, instead of getting a full invisible swing of a giant axe for free. If it is interrupt only, those videos sensuki posted play out how they would in a real scenario: as long as the wimpy shooter guy doesn't get caught by the melee, the fighter brutes can crowd their path and control the field like they have been so often described during development. Also, even with the only interrupt system, a limit should be in place to avoid abuse tactics.
  2. I do really like the idea this seems to present: A mix between the old system and this new one. Distribute fewer skill points, but points I get to allocate, then flesh it out with talents that also add some points where appropriate. It really follows the idea of this new system with the freedom wanted by everyone. I do admit though it would be a much less transparent system, and maybe too obtuse.
  3. This is an interesting system, but looking at the skill bonuses, it is too limited. A large majority add to athletics, but out of that whole list, a scant few add to stealth or mechanics. The mechanics especially, there is only 4 talents that add to it: gunner, two trap-related, and the +4. I hate saying there should be more variety, because holy hell is that list already daunting to scroll through each time, but it doesn't effect enough of the skills in a strong enough way.
  4. After summoning skeletons with a chanter, when skeletons pick up items, the items disappear. If a skeleton is the closest character, it will assign it to pick up items. If selecting take all the skeleton takes it presumably into its own hidden inventory. If the item is selected and dragged to a regular NCP, the item properly appears in their inventory. Expected: The item doesn't disappear. Maybe into the chanter's inventory?
  5. The main theme sounds very Rohan-esque from Lord of the Rings, which I really enjoy. Which is funny, because going back in recent years playing BG, the two themes especially BG1 sounded very much like the Battle of Helm's Deep music(despite LotR being later)
  6. Although I do agree with all of the suggestions(turning them off, walking, individual suggestions) I'm hesitant to say the artwork itself should change much. Even following the updates and the forums, I had problems understanding exactly how stealth would work. Once I saw the circles in-game however, especially around the enemies, it was obvious and intuitive. If the art does change, don't deviate too much, you've got a great system now. An extra suggestion I'll throw out is to not show the perception circles on non hostile characters. This image just looks ridiculous just walking around in the inn
  7. If you right click on the wizards spellbook in his inventory, it allows you to choose which spell for each level you would like. Hopefully for it will be explained for people in-game somewhere, I only knew this from obsessively reading every update along the way.
  8. Diablo 3 also understood that if only one stat matters to a class, the game should just automate the stat placement for you because there isn't any point in allocating them differently.
  9. On the topic of firearms, I'm conflicted. They are massively powerful, downing things super quick. But then given the lore, why shouldn't they be? The time frame is such that guns really were gonna just blow people away. I think a good balance might to be to make the reload time for guns take a little longer? Even just slowing down the animation they already have would be fine.
  10. I think in some cases it was warranted, like Minsc having beserker abilities abilities despite being a ranger. It made sense given his lore. Other times, it seems like they were just handing out the weirdness. Interestingly, if you are counting how the devs set up characters as favoritism, then they hated Anomen too, he had fewer pips in weapons than he should have if he was built intelligently.
  11. Sorry if this has been answered but I couldn't find it anywhere: Are we going to be able to export and import characters like we could in the old IE games?
  12. This sounds bad. A guy that introduced perma death in PoE that has no way to raise the dead but load game complains about save or die spells in a game with save/load?! Really?! BTW, this forum code/UI is terrible. I cannot remove the upper empty quote without removing other stuff. The save/reload things are more insta-kill effects. A spell that could take someone from full health right to death-not because of overwhelming damage, just because- is cheap. Dying in PoE will hopefully take the other person just being better than you, not luckier on one single dice roll.
  13. I feel like have not even scripts, but just the basic 'attack stuff you see' AI is going to make a huge difference. Once that is in, and people are used to the system, the combat will feel much less difficult. I'm worried that people saw Adam get wiped twice in the demos and got tainted from that. That was the first that most of us saw of the really gritty details of the combat, and because he wasn't careful, made even the trash mobs looks overwhelming. Getting used to the system and the auto-attack are huge.
  14. Without any xp for exploration as the system is now it is not even like BG. I explored a lot in BG in order level up specifically; because I didn't find most of the quests interesting. A big part of the feel of exploring in BG is the sense progress you make while exploring. Now exploring isn't all that exciting knowing I get any xp for it; not to mention the now enhanced trash mobs will make it much deadlier. By adding objective xp they could fix this "if I'm not on a quest I make no progress while exploring" issue, but if they don't; poe is going to be a major disappointment. Coming from that perspective, that makes sense then. I always explored for its own sake, I like just finding whatever stuff was just out there. An argument could be made for finding loot and being more powerful, even just in the limited scope of the beta, but if XP is what you are looking for, I can see how you would be disappointed. I guess this whole argument comes down to what parts of the old games you felt were most intrinsic.
  15. BG share the same combat of IWD so if he despise (and he plainly admit it that he would save basicaly nothing from BG2) he despise both BG and IWD. And for being completly honest at the moment i do not give a flaming **** about what Sawyer prefer. They had my money because they put baldur's gate,icewind dale and torment in their objective as goal to reach. And what i discover? that the guy who created the game dosen't give a **** about two of the said title. OH ****ING JOY But they didn't quote the games as their goal. They wanted the feel of them, in a modern age. And those are very different. If they wanted to make those games, they could have been the ones that made the Enhanced Editions, but they weren't. They made a Kickstarter for a new game, that is LIKE those old games, specifically in the ways mentioned. Playing hours and hours in the beta, the new sense of exploration is like BG, it is not the same. But it feels like it, and looking around in nooks and crannies, wondering what is over here, over there, is fun(subjectively). Sometimes you get stuff, sometimes you don't. That is what the exploration felt like(to me).
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