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  1. Overall I liked your post. I just have to note that all activists use social media. They'd be idiots not to. The notion that the internet is somehow distinct from all other aspects of our lives and doesn't really matter is absurd. It is without contest the best way to reach a large audience. Good point. My appraisal of 'Internet drama' wasn't intended to make such a distinction, nor was my saying that activists I know 'don't try to change the world using Twitter' meant literally. Every human being is an agent of change and all our interactions matter in some way, be that through word,
  2. Mungri can I ask you a question? As a gay man how do you feel about some of these comments on this thread? Do you find comments like " homosexuality is not natural " annoying? Offensive? Or do you just not care. My gay friends seem to care less about gay rights than I do, they say things like " you will never change some peoples minds so why bother ". But I refuse to accept that. I don't need to change peoples minds, I just want to let people that homophobia is not acceptable I'm pretty much desensitised to such stuff after my father told me that he would have had me aborted if he knew
  3. When I first backed Pillars I really didn't think it would end up looking so good, considering it was supposed to be made on such a modest budget. That mock screenie they knocked up during the kickstarter was impressive though and gave me high hopes, which have been completely blown away. This is probably the most beautiful game I've ever seen.
  4. Modders are saints. Thank you! I assume/hope it's an in-game toggle, so we have the option to either walk or run as we like?
  5. Feet. FEET!? A real gamer straps himself unto his chair and snaps his neck before even starting, then plays using his tongue and nose. A lifetime of handicap is no price too high for the true gaming experience. I have to admit you have a fair point, and it is indeed a far more rewarding challenge to use my face only to truly experience this game the way it was meant to be. Also, lending the neighbours cat and putting a significant amount of catnip on the keyboard enhanced this even further, my face may be utterly maimed but I finally find this game challenging enough. That's a
  6. Or perhaps they care about it too much? I personally don't see the issue with people claiming they don't want to play at all unless they can walk, even if I find that hard to relate to myself. I prefer to respect that that's their preference and prerogative. In any event, aren't those people a very small subset of all those who would like a walking option or would enjoy having the option? Options are good... and there's cookies involved.
  7. What word would you prefer... engagement? Absorption? Occupation? Involvement? Leaving pedantry aside, people are simply saying that the ability to walk is important or significant to their enjoyment of the game. What is the problem you have with this? Regardless, I think you are taking a rather narrow view of the definition of immersion. http://www.goodgamesbydesign.com/2011/03/immersion-vs-engagement/ http://www.torkshaw.com/Immersion%20and%20Engagement.pdf Also, why do you reduce the desire for the ability to walk to the status of a whim? What exactly is capricious about
  8. I won't attempt to speak for anyone else, yet hopefully I can provide some insight into why this feature is important to me personally, though I would hardly describe myself as freaked out (it matters enough to me that I'll wait a few months in the hope it'll be patched in, yet I could play the game right now and enjoy it). I like to immerse myself into the world of rich RPGs, to feel like I am there in that fantastically beautiful and atmospheric land, evoked so vividly in my mind and imagination as a game like Pillars is capable of. I enjoy feeling like I am my character, or am 'there' w
  9. Hi I would say something welcoming but I'm pretty new here myself. Awh, shucks, welcome anyway!
  10. Oh, is it not possible to only use your sig for some posts? I didn't realise it would show up in all my posts. Well, I guess i'll disable it for now then. Edit: It's still there in my other posts? Hmm, I guess I'll delete my sig for now until I figure out what I'm gonna do.
  11. Exactly, this is the crux of the issue. How reasonable it is to assume the player will know how to combat certain creatures and their abilities, at a given point in the game? 'Hard Counters' is not an all good or all bad issue. There is a spectrum of hard counters in the IE games, according to the predictability of encounters and the potential to be prepared for them. I don’t particularly like coming across an encounter that I literally cannot defeat even with infinite reloading because I need to go back to town to acquire specific item(s), memorise certain spells or whatever. This is nei
  12. I like this, its a great idea. Their are so many new words in the lore it would be helpful to practice how to pronounce them. I'm a good speller, I can spell rouge right and everything. Were do I sign up?
  13. Those screenies are just glorious. So, so beautiful. I think I need to squee a bit here. Leaving any issues aside for the moment, I just want to say this update has made me very, very happy. And not just because of ooh pretty. Not just because of this update. The depth of lore, attention to detail and care with which this game is being crafted is an absolute pleasure to behold. It's like seeing a long-cherished dream slowly becoming real, before your very eyes. A big thank you to Josh and all the crew, for taking the time to engage with us on the forums. It's especially nice in updates
  14. What are you talking about? This thread is awesome. Granted it has become more argumentative than the earlier discussion of sharing and expressing views, and there has been some incivility, yet I'm highly enjoying listening to people express what they enjoyed and found frustrating in the IE games. As others have commented, all this talk is making me really excited for Eternity. It's as if you don't find anything of value in dissenting opinions. Though if your comment was supposed to be a meaningless throw away joke I apologise for misreading it, ignore me and carry on
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