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  1. My apologies if anyone brought this up before, I scanned a couple of the latest pages and didn't see it, but does anyone know if we'll be able to make and upload custom portraits in the final game? Don't get me wrong, there are some absolutely gorgeous ones available. However, I like to draw and its fun knowing I have something to tally custom. Just wondering if that's gonna be a thing.
  2. I would say I was also confused. Coming in from a table top gaming perspective, I'm gonna assume that might = strength and clearly not a stat for wizards, for example. As a first time play, the descriptions were more overwhelming than helpful. I know it'd be extra work, but it'd be really, REALLY helpful to have even a sentence for each class explaining what the stat does for that class specifically. When you say it as you did, it makes more sense. I should add I really like how you did the stat. I like playing social characters and I feel I can do that a lot more with this stat system withou
  3. Issue: I quit the game to start a new, and the music that was playing (in music) continued playing over the login music. (The result was horrifyingly discordant.) It continued even after the game loaded. Detailed steps: (I don't know which inn exactly... I was showing the game to my fiance and it was his file. I can ask him for more details if need be.) I quit the game, and went to start new to play with the character generator some more, and the music continued until chara gen popped up. (The inn music and menu music do not go together well.) Expected Behavior: Music from that ga
  4. I came to post the exact same thing. It's especially annoying if you accidentally click, because then it alt tabs you. (And without pausing, so if you're, say, in the middle of your first battle trying to figure out how combat works...)
  5. I was about to be super sad: then I realized it was for the standard, not the collectors edition. Standard editon being dvd makes sense: I just want the collectors edition to be boxed, and have that old school feel. (Even if it is less durable, it's more traditional.) An extra dvd being INSIDE the collectors box is fine. However, for those non collector edition people who want cardboard boxes, maybe an option for them to pay slightly more to get a cardboard box? *shrug* Honestly, the cardboard box would be something I'd put on a wall, not use to store my game so much.
  6. I like this poll, especially looking at the differences between one and two. Everyone wants everything: its nice to see what they really want most. Me, it was a toss up between mod tools and replayability, though one sorta feeds the other. Replayability, for me, means meaningful decisions throughout the game that affect the game world as a whole, and multiple endings. The more different a situation is every time through, the more fun and replayability. The more reasons they are, the better, as well. People welcoming or shunning you based on what you are has been mentioned, and I find
  7. It's possible, if its very successful. Minecraft and Amnesia both were DL only, but were successful enough you could get hard (dvd case) copies. However, if you want the old timey box with the cloth map and all the awesome, get it now.
  8. Oh god yes. Fable 3 took this to some of the most awful extremes with the whole "Fetch" and "Delivery" relationship quests. Always the exact same thing, and literally hundreds of people asking for it... it's enough to turn you to the dark side. (But then, I have a very love/hate relationship with Fable. They always have some real gems, things I absolutely adore, and then they have some truly, horrifyingly, what-were-they-thinking awful things.) Yes, I'd give the same advice. BioWare obviously tried too hard to be not too “video-gamy”, but it didn’t work very well for them. Typical cl
  9. I think what Blackstream was getting at is that many people contributing means that there will be that many more unique characters. No matter how creative you are, someone will always come up with something you haven't thought of, which is why brainstorming is so awesome. And each of those people is going to put a LOT more time and thought into that single character then the writers would have time for on their own, focusing (reasonably) on the main cast. Thus, the world will be richer. Nothing to do with editorial control. And... yeah, I hadn't thought of it until Blackstream pointed it
  10. I like the idea of having a pet, but I agree with those who think it shouldn't have to be dog. Reptiles don't always get enough love, true, but it'd also be fun to have something completely new, or specific to the setting. (Also, more of a cat person myself. Ooh, or a bird! :D)
  11. Exalted is my favorite pen and paper game, despite its (many) flaws. Mind you, I believe we usually play with house ruling. There's a lot of errata you'll have to look up, and the newer books are just better. The game group I play with has a good balance of people who prefer roleplay and people who prefer combat. Newest errata has been added to make perfect defenses less broken, though there's plenty of non-perfect combat charms that make you incredibly hard to kill. Having few hitpoints doesn't make you squishy: having no armor or ability to dodge, on the other hand, does. I could go
  12. I've been in games like that. :/ I really don't find them fun. But I'm one of those people who's of the opinion that those games are for the players. They're the main characters, always.
  13. I just realized that some people might think I'm referencing WoW, not white wolf. Ah well. Happy to be joining you! Together, we've already given almost $2k extra. It's amazing what a difference a little bit more can make.
  14. Assuming this game is to genuinely give input to the devs, maybe we should add a few more rules, to cut out things that aren't actually helpful. Yeah, I'm about to start by giving feedback in what not to do in the thread first. Sue me. E.g. "Nothing that X game does." Games have a variety of mechanics, many (such as dialogue trees, and combat) Eternity will (hopefully) have. If you didn't like a game, try to think about why, as specifically as possible, and list that. Some people have already done that well, such as specifying they didn't like how black and white choices were in mass eff
  15. I think that could make for a really cool game. Not this game, but a fun one to play. In a less brief explanation, a game like that, the game mechanics would probably change, as the manipulation and rise to power would become one of the core concepts, and mechanics would have to be created to support it. If they weren't, it would feel tacked on and weak. If they were, it'd lead to a game with a completely different feel. I would like to play that game someday, but I don't think that's what project eternity is.
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