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  1. +1 for being unable to advance the quest. I've fought the ghost Leyra and the Justicars she had charmed, but the quest hasn't updated and after emptying heritage hill and completing the tower nothing happens when returning to Wyla at crucible keep. It just stays on the "I'll report back when I find something" dialogue.
  2. Not sure if the Dev's will see this but thought it might be useful to have a thread with suggestions on things that could be tweaked or improved in a patch that we've noticed. Just minor things that will improve the experience, not necessarily bug fixes or similar. Apologies if there has already been a similar thread, if so let me know! My first observation in the Stronghold Management is that the Stronghold Status screen has Turn 1 at the top and to reach the most recent entry you need to scroll down the list to the bottom. To my mind it would be more user friendly to have the most recent entry at the top of the screen each time and then you only need to scroll down the list to see past events. Or even a sorting option would be useful here. Also in the Stronghold Management it would be good to have on the upgrades screen the option to filter out completed upgrades to make it easier to see what you want to do next. Any other suggestions? Note: this thread isn't to trash the game. I personally think it's excellent, everything I was hoping for. It's just for constructive suggestions on little things that could be (I think) easily enhanced to improve the overall experience.
  3. More game sounds good to me. If Obsidian can get the funding then I say go for it. The only real trade off is a bit more time to wait but I've achieved zen master levels of patience and serenity already so I can cope with that. Also, I don't think it will take them as long as we might think, I have a sneaking suspicion they have some basic ideas in mind already for companions. Hopefully once these are fleshed out and the art for the new areas are done putting them in game won't take forever. They should be dab hands at it by then! lol. So it's a yes vote from me.
  4. Yeah, I agree Charezon. That's kind of what I was meaning in my post just above yours as well. The mist seems a bit too solid to me and not quite a subtle enough effect. If it was just a tad more misty it would be perfect! A rainbow lighting effect would be amazing if they could pull it off somehow. Might be a bit difficult on this budget but given what they've done so far anything's possible!
  5. Guys, it looks absolutely fantastic. I imagine it wasn't easy to achieve all those techniques in a 2D background, especially the dynamic water and lighting, but you've done it! If I had to be very nit-picky my only two minor criticisms would be that the mist at the foot of the waterfall looks a little too opaque for a mist effect, to my eye it should be a little bit more translucent and well, misty. And at the scene where the (fantastic) characters enter the scene there are two small greenish-yellow bushes near the bottom centre of the screen. They shake as though there is someone or something hiding in them instead of swaying as though they are in a breeze. You can see them do it around the 2:16 mark. It's not a big deal and it took a few views of the video for me to notice it, but now that I have my eye is drawn to it every time! lol. But as I say, these are very minor nitpicks. What you guys have achieved is pretty awesome and you should be proud. Can't wait to see a battle in these scenes!
  6. If I remember rightly the April 2014 estimate was made fairly early on in the Kickstarter. A fair amount of content was added through stretch goals and of course the Endless Paths, that could very well mean it might be later in the year for it to be finished. End of 2014 perhaps? Unless they took the stretch goals being hit into account when the made that estimate. But really the only correct answer to this is "as long as it takes". Or at least "as long as it takes without running out of funds".... If it runs over because they are still working on it and the money is still there to allow them to do that I'm perfectly OK with it. Time is the least important part of the hard work/money/time equation in my opinion. Money is more or less fixed, Hard work depends on the teams ongoing enthusiasm for the project and general caffeine levels, Time on the other hand is more flexible. They can run it into 2015 for all I care if it means we get a classic cRPG again. I intend to have levels of patience on par with a Zen master by the start of 2014 anyway so what difference does another year or two make when you are sat cross legged, under a tree on a mountain going "OMMMMMMMMM"?
  7. George is a story based stretch goal, and probably one of the best things ever if you are a story guy. He is by far one of the best story guys that I've ever worked with. And, oh yeah, we aren't done yet. I would imagine George Ziets and Chris Avellone working on a story together to be just about one of the most perfect things to happen in gaming. I hope we blow past 2.8 mil in quick order.
  8. There was this: "Don't miss the update on Thursday - Josh will be talking lore, and our first screenshot will be revealed. Everyone at the studio is really excited to show you what we've been working on." If Josh is going to be talking Lore I think that will have you covered. There's been lots of good stuff during these update in my opinion, especially for a game which is effectively in early pre-production. They are by all accounts still laying the groundwork for everything, but it already sounds fantastic.
  9. Have you seen the reactions around here? We're hitting 2.8 if several forum regulars have to go rob a bank. Yeah, they really should have made Paladins a $50 million stretch goal or something. I'm sure some of the regular commentors would have pulled off an oceans eleven-esque heist of the century to get there.
  10. Fantastic update Obsidian. Once again.... Great news about the classes, Paladins are a class I used a lot in BG1&2, once they got Carsomyr they were immense. And with crafting in the game now a forged and enchanted two-handed Avenger might just be the perfect accompanyment to a Paladin PC. Bards, or Chanters as they are now, are a class I've never really taken before but I might just let one tag along as the description made them sound interesting. And George Zeits, that's great news. Hope we get there so he can come on board. In fact let's hope we blow past $3 million and then on past even Double fine :D
  11. Think less as a pre-order and more as an incentive to donate more to have a better base game made. That base game will hopefully then sell more, allowing them to fund the expansion with those more traditional revenues. And as a reward for your faith in them you will then get a copy of the expansion that your pledge allowed them to work their way to. That's the way I view it anyway.
  12. That's exactly why I only pledge to digital tiers now. When I saw how much the Double Fine Adventure and The Banner Saga had to spend on physical rewards being manufactured, sent out etc. I resolved to not pledge for physical stuff again. Who needs a hard-back book when a .pdf will do? I'd rather it gets spent on the game instead. I know others will disagree but there it is... Yes, this is true, but physical items could conceivably create more revenue for the devs. The point is balancing costs against price and shipping. If you can offer quality items that folks will buy, then it's worth it. After all, mail-order has made a *lot* of money over the years, so it's not necessarily something that will end up costing money. It's just a matter of working out the details. However, what I would like is, if Obsidz is dead set against offering physical add-on swag, that they just come clean about it. A polite notification clearly stating that they cannot offer physical add-on items due to the prohibitive costs would settle the issue for me. Otherwise, I'll keep pestering on the subject, not because I want to demand it, but because I don't know if it's feasible or not. If it is, they should consider it. If it's not, they should put the matter to rest and we'll move on. Or maybe they should only send manufacture orders for physical rewards after the game is completed, not beforehand as DFA and Banner Saga did. They could always just say "You can have as many physical rewards as you want BUT it's conditional on the game being completed first. If we finish the game but don't have enough to make everything then we're afraid that's all folks." I wonder how that would go down on the internet.....?
  13. That's exactly why I only pledge to digital tiers now. When I saw how much the Double Fine Adventure and The Banner Saga had to spend on physical rewards being manufactured, sent out etc. I resolved to not pledge for physical stuff again. Who needs a hard-back book when a .pdf will do? I'd rather it gets spent on the game instead. I know others will disagree but there it is...
  14. I do kind of agree that it has been a little lop-sided to favour the higher tiers but I would suggest waiting to see exactly what they settle on as add-ons. Then you could tailor your tier a bit and perhaps create one that suits you. If you have a $20 one you can see if they allow the expansion for example as a $20 or so add-on then you get the game and expansion for $40. Not a bad deal really. Or add on the novella, or strategy guide or beta key. There's a bit of customization there if you want it. I do actually wish more kickstarters would make their rewards more modular somehow. $25-$30 for the base game then have soundtracks, novellas, boxed copies, expansions, concept arts, collectors books etc as add-ons. Then add Major rewards like NPC's, Items, Inns and NPC parties for the really big $1000 plus tiers. I'm sure with planning something like that would be good so people can mix and match. Project eternity is almost there, and arguably will be if they allow the expansion, novella and soundtrack as add-ons.
  15. I think this is a great update, and yeah, B-Farg is an amazing guy for allowing this. Speaks volumes about how great he is. He truly is the god-jesus of video games I saw him described as on a forum yesterday. The one thing I'm not sure about is the expansion at $165, it just seems a bit high to me. I'm at $80 just now and have been considering going to $110 in the last few days but I backed Wasteland and more than doubling my pledge for an expansion just doesn't scan for me I'm afraid. Maybe the $110 but with no Wasteland 2 would have been better? I'd have liked to have seen it broken up a little that way personally, I imagine a lot of PE backers backed W2 as well and I think the expansion at a slightly lower tier might make more of them up pledges. Or maybe offer the expansion as an add-on? Maybe around $20-$30? I'd jump on that in a heartbeat. I realise everyone is in a different situation with how much they have/can pledge but I don't think I can bring myself to stretch to that $165 tier. $110 maybe but not that far Other than that, first class again Obsidian. Aloth looks amazing. Best concept art yet IMO.
  16. Ditto. I think a Monk is going to be my first playthrough. Although I have to be honest, all of the descriptions so far sound so good I kind of want to play all of them. I can see myself playing this over and over trying out different styles.
  17. What an update! Easily the strongest one yet. Great news for our Russian and Polish friends, two cool new classes, Cipher in particular is intriguing, the ability to customise the party (never a great concern personally but good to know it's an option), class descriptions which actually got me excited about the 4 "standard" classes again. Even the bog-standard fighter sounded great! And to top it all off a brilliant piece of artwork, which is now my desktop background. I'm really going to have to up my pledge now I think. Good job Obsidian. Edit: Corrected spelling of Cipher. No "y". oops!
  18. Music sounds great. Just wish I had a game to go with it.... Can anyone speed up time to Spring 2014?
  19. It would be cool if the order was mentioned in lore as part of the history of the world. Because after all we are, in a sense, part of the history of this world now. Not necessarily a huge important piece of lore or anything, but a mention in a dusty tome somewhere would be cool. Maybe a sect of fanatics obsessed with the number 8? As for merchandise, I'm not really bothered. It's not something I really go for personally. If Obsidian can sell some T-shirts for a bit of extra profit to put into the games development then fair enough, but otherwise it's not really something which would concern me.
  20. High-Priest of Funk of the Obsidian Order

  21. Hi guys, I just upped my pledge by $8 so you can count me in. Do we need to supply a screenshot as proof or anything or is the order run on an honor system? Screenshot is no problem if it's required. As I'm a bass player I'll be the High-Priest of Funk for the Order. As long as that position hasn't been filled already of course! :D
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