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  1. I Don't really get the difference between the radial menu and the 3x3 grid with direction keys … one can navigate a radial menu with direction keys just as easily … or did I miss-grasp the idea? A rotating wheel with the skill in focus being enlarged would be quite nifty, be it perhaps cumbersome on the calculating power of the machine. I would have no problem whatsoever if they just stuck to the bottom skill-bar as was used in the BG series though. I really dislike the idea of binding those WASD-movement keys (or whatever they are on a qwerty-board) to some other navigation tool as a def
  2. Unity supports C#, a flavor of Python and Java via AOTC. (That's ahead-of-time-compilation.) External plugins are likely to be written in Mono C#. "C" is a low level language usually used for systems programming, it doesn't support classes or objects or even strings natively. You wouldn't write a game in C unless you were a masochistic coder or you planned to run on bare metal. (Without an operating system.) "C++" is for the most part used as a library language, it's great for things like 3D engines and OS boiler plate code. Because of the manual memory management in C++, I suspect it's us
  3. Let's not forget there's no scale on the pie chart, it's just percentages. Also, relating to buggyness: the field representing 'QA' for Project Eternity is relatively about twice the size of the the 'QA' slice in the "generic game X' when set out proportional to the 'programming' field. I don't exactly see how having twice the amount of quality assurance testing would be detrimental to the quality of the code, and if so, how having more of this apparently evil detrimental QA would result in a better game . Also; does the piechart plot for number of people, cost (wages etc.), or workin
  4. Hearing that the list is "huge" gives me a good sense of security. I wonder what diabolical creations and artistic nightmares you've concocted for that menagerie you speak of... Hopefully things that surprise and appear unexpectedly... Like the Spanish Inquisition? I hope it has lots of little critters that don't add much in aggression but add a lot to the realism; mice, dragonflies, fishes, birds, … I can only dream of small ecosystems with dragonfly hunting bats for example … The greatness of games is in the details; readable books, being able to charm the millers cat as a ranger, bei
  5. I sure hope this guy didn't get the "design your own in-game faction"-reward …
  6. Additional funds transferred. Please call me Master of Bats of the Obsidian Order (the kind with fangs mind you … well, that didn't help much did it?)
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