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  1. Didn't think this would grow after the KS campaign, glad to see I was wrong.
  2. Absolutely great stuff, really like how this is turning out so far. Cant's wait to see some sneak peeks into the other environments they have in mind in the future.
  3. Thank you for the update, I was wonering if we'd get an official announcement of the last stretch goal and dungeon level and was glad to see this tonight.
  4. A 13 lvl dungeon is almost a game unto itself, like a Legend of Grimrock within another game...well except isometric and all that other stuff, but you get the idea. )
  5. I was expecting a bit more with the final rush. That being said, it'll be quite an exclusive club now. I wonder if Obsidian will have a box to mark that extra $8 as the OO entry fee.
  6. So was I too late (see my earlier question in post #502)? I tried to sign up during the last hour, but I think this site is experiencing heavier traffic than usual and I was unable to register my account here before the Kickstarter deadline. As I understand it, as long as you were able to successfully pledge $8 above your tier and add-ons, you should be included into the Order.
  7. Congrats to Obsidian, all the fans and of course the Order! So how many Obsidian Order members did we finish with? Also, is this thread going to continue as the meeting place for all order members or are you guys adding a new thread?
  8. I'm kind of curious as to the accounting. They have got to be anticipating sales to support an expansion, the kickstarter funds are going to the main game. That's okay, but what kind of sales are necessary to independently fund a solid expansion? Remember, expansions are a bit cheaper to make, for starters you have many of the assets and classes already, the world is already created with lore, so need to lose time (and hence money) on that. I imagine that for every backer there are probably a couple of potential customers, so I think that an expansion although still a risk is a well clacu
  9. Whine on the codex and /v/? Don't you say?! I wanna see a good argument as why level scaling and cooldowns are a bad thing, so far I've only seen pure hatred lol.The way Sawyer was explaining the magic system sounded pretty reasonable to me, still, what do I know... This is actually really simple to answer. For level scaling you only have to look to Oblivion. Level scaling really ended up breaking that game, to the point that I personally can't play it without mods that completely change the underlying systems. Why did it break the game? For two reasons. On the one hand RPGs provide
  10. It is also important if Obsidian wants to sell Eternity to people other than its Kickstarter backers. PS. I know I am going to get a lot of hate for this... I know you were expecting hate, but actually I'm agreeing with you. One of the reasons some people haven't been able to get into some classics like Fallout is because of the outdated graphics. As stupid as some of us may think this is, it is still a reality, and sustaining the genre by having some appealing graphics is not a bad thing. As long as the core old school combat mechanics, and depth of story, quest and world are not a
  11. I am of the opinion that graphics are not the most important part of an rpg. However, good graphics certainly don't hurt, so although I prefer depth of content as oppossed to more, I wouldn't be completely opposed to money being used to make the game more visually appealing, as long as it doesn't compromise the core gameplay and depth of the initial concept.
  12. 1. Big Stretch Goals are good but I would advise caution so as not to let them divert from your vision, or be overly ambitious in terms of cost. Personally I have upped my pledge 3 times since this drive started and it has had to do more with the constant updates with information than the stretch goals. But stretch goals are good. I would prefer depth of content as opposed to quantity of content. I know this is a hard sell for stretch goals, but I personally think that more detailed lore in quests, complex quest structure (meaning quests that are not simply fetch and kill quests) and more comp
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