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  1. Any name that wasn't inspired by this forums. Although I would prefer something like long american book titles (Frak: A fraking story about Frak Fraker, frak and fraking frakaloo, while frakking in frak).
  2. Oh my Capital! I didn't know that Project Eternity is a collction of Facebook games with one ultimate choice: which one to play. I choose Project Eternity: Farming with orcs.
  3. I'd like to see Vikram Pandit as my dog companion.
  4. I know something about class conflicts, and this is a great theme to include in game.
  5. I like the idea of 20-minutes long cutscenes portaying your character killing his enemy in very perverse and sadistic way. But I don't think that Eternity is about watching cutscenes, so it is a bad idea. I'll accept even one death animation.
  6. If Eternity is not a date-sim RPG for biodrones, I'm okay with it. At least Obsidian said about skippable romances.
  7. Capitalism votes for Russian and Polish. It's strange not to see Itallian included in 2.2m goal.
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