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  1. Is there going to be a way to drop one of the second faction quests before completing it to enable us to accept a different factions second quest, maybe in 1.04? I stupidly accepted Bronze Beneath the Lake but I really want to side with the Knights.
  2. I'd be happy to throw my spare change at this game all day long if it turns out to be half as good as I hope it will be and I also don't mind waiting a few months longer than the slated release date. My only request if you decide to do this is can you add in some more pledge levels as I pledged at the $250 level and the next is double that (since the $350 was all gone) which is a bit much for just stretch goals. Add in a $300 level and I'll happily up my pledge!
  3. I was just wondering when those backers that are due to receive the Wasteland 2 download are likely to have access to this as I note that it is now out on Steam? Thanks! ) p.s Keep up the great work, Pillars of Eternity is looking fantastic!
  4. I'm a simple man, I just want to be able to fight a Dracolich again like back in Curse of the Azure Bonds!
  5. Update from Twitter: Obsidian @Obsidian Quick #ProjectEternity PayPal update: $100,247 - Approx ~2050 backers
  6. Awesome stretch goals, I really want the Stronghold!! Amazing screenshot too. Damn you guys for being awesome, i have just increased my pledge again to $250.
  7. I just upgraded to the $140 tier with $20 for P&P + $8 for the Order! - Chief Beer Drinker of the Obsidian Order
  8. 36 Planescape: Torment Baldur's Gate 2 + ToB Fallout 2 Ultima 7 AD&D Gold box series <-- Pools of Darkness in particular was awesome Bards Tale 2
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