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  1. You need to add a way for people to gather to roleplay together in the world of Eora. With Obsidian creating a ruleset for tabletop roleplaying, you have one more entry into a saturated market of tabletop roleplaying games in countless different settings. What most of those lack, and what Obsidian can offer, is the official backing of a company that makes several types of products related to the setting. People will come to Obsidian for Deadfire, and find the tabletop roleplay rules along the way. If the two were unconnected, the tabletop would be far less likely to succeed as an inde
  2. Hey Fluffle, I had a bigger paycheck than I expected. Once I have all of March's bills paid, and I see how much I have leftover, I plan to donate to this cause. It'll probably be around 50 bucks, but it might be more. Just wanted to let you know some more money is on the way in a couple of weeks!
  3. Just wanted to throw out that I'm spending my money backing the actual game, and I don't really have any left over to back the B.I.B. in particular. But I really hope this pans out and makes it into the game, because I think its a great idea.
  4. Personally, I'd like to see the option to either help or fight them. Assuming Obsidian decides to include them in the game.
  5. If it's based off IWD and BG, then I'm good. I enjoyed how those conversations worked.
  6. When I consider everything I'd love to have in a stronghold... I could make my own game. Seriously. A stronghold based game world, which while fun, isn't the point of P:E. So I'll narrow it down to things that are reasonable. The stronghold is supposed to be a side-item. A snack compared to the rest of the game. An upgraded player house, as indicated by the stretch goal descriptions. So I'll go on that assumption. 1. Unnecessary: The stronghold should not be required for the main storyline. It should be an optional side-quest. You can give me the stronghold for free, but don't fo
  7. Dear Epic Beard Guy: We all respect you greatly. Beards are a symbol of complete manliness. Only a real man can grow a beard. Boys can't, girls can't, women can't. But you? You have endured, grown your beard despite the initial itchy phase. You grew your beard, unafraid of the "awkward-length-beard" phase that everyone faces. You endured social distance for the sake of your beard. Most impressive of all, you escaped that snare of endless shaving. Real men across the world salute you, sir. Keep growing, and carry on.
  8. Baldur's Gate II. Hard call to make, honestly. But that's the one I'd choose, out of everything.
  9. I prefer the "tall grass" method. It worked for pokemon, it can work for P:E! [/sarcasm] Seriously, though. I enjoy a mix. There need to be some random encounters just to keep adventuring parties on their toes, but the encounters need to be logical. I don't want to be running into demons just outside of town just because I've gotten to such a high level that those are the only encounters that provide a "challenge". So yes, areas should have their own difficulty, and that difficulty should be static. Of course, crafted encounters are the ones that have the chance of becoming tr
  10. The very first Diablo was a 16 level dungeon. That WAS the game. Sixteen levels of dungeon crawling, and only that. Just saying, Obsidian could easily build an entire game around the dungeon and nothing else. But we have two extra big cities, a stronghold, and a main storyline, along with god knows how many minor sidequests on top of this massive 15-level dungeon. I'm so excited right now. Also, yay for fancy playing cards! Anyway, thanks for the quick update, Obsidian! Take your time, do it right, and keep us updated as you have time and/or notable things to mention. We love
  11. We need an Obsidian Order-based stretch goal. Like [x] members gets us a quest in game or something. I think that'd be interesting.
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