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  1. The word 'Drugs' covers a hell of a lot of things. From Aspirin to Heroin. I don't really care, but I tend towards no, these things never tend to be done very convincingly in my humble opinion. What I would like though is a minor charisma boost after a few beers, and then for a major charisma penalty once my character is hammered.
  2. I don't like cooldowns, they almost always feel a bit QTE like and I have never seen an lore-based explanation for them. Casting times achieve the same thing while automatically fitting the lore, pretty much whatever the lore is. They also have the bonus that they can be interrupted creating tactical considerations. Edit: There are limits to casting times, I know some cooldowns in some games can be 10 minutes long, at least, obviously that wouldn't really work with casting times.
  3. I want to have to reload sometimes, I don't think I had to reload DA:O more than a couple of times on my 1st run, and as far as I recall, I never had to reload on my 2nd run. It was fun, but it was to easy and it would have been more fun if there was a little more challenge to it. On the other hand though, I want to die because I mess up, not because during a loading screen between areas the RNG decides "Lol, orcs ambushed you while you slept and now you're dead!!!!1"
  4. Yeah yeah yeah numbers... I quite liked the interview, asked some good questions that are relevant to us and also to people outside this very specific niche we occupy. Anyway, if it had been me doing the interview, it would have simply have been me telling Chris Avellone how awesome I think he is for however long he could put up with me being a creepy fanboy.
  5. I'm glad I've been lucky in my choice of forums in the past .
  6. One of the other forums I frequent tends to have topics discussing religion and politics. Those topics still manage to be more civil than the ones we have here about which magic system people would prefer. I honestly find that a bit confusing.
  7. Yes, this. Always bugged me in the IE games, "What, none of the arrows can re-used, NONE!? Why the hell not?" I also don't think characters should be able to use bows with any real success without proficiency in them, crossbows and guns sure, that was one of the main advantages to those weapons. But bows are hard, if you have never used a bow before you won't hit anything unless it's nearly on top of you.
  8. Okay, firstly, this always bugs me, Japanese katanas are for the most part no better than their western equivalent. I must admit I don't know much about Japanese bows, but after some quick research I can't see how the Yumi bow is better than an English Longbow or a Recurve bow? I will agree with the post above me though, bows hold some major advantages over crossbows and early firearms but damage isn't one of them. It's very comparable on unarmoured/lightly armoured targets, but crossbows and early guns have much better armour penetration than bows. On top of that, after trying to lear
  9. How about you get "super easy mode" instead, and the core game caters to us hardcore dudes. I like that option better. Because ultra hardcore mode has already been announced, obviously. But you know what, I don't care what it's called so long as I have fun, I'm not interested in being the baddest mofo on the Obsidian forums.
  10. Super hardcore dudes want super hardcore game, thats why Obsidian announced super hardcore mode. Now stop trying to ruin the normal game for those of us who aren't super hardcore.
  11. My thoughts. I like Trashmans fatigue idea, I'd call it mana or soul energy or something, but the idea is good. I'd combine it with casting times for spells (cooldowns in reverse if you like) and a limited ability to prepare ahead of time. Basically, casting a spell drains mana temporarily, say 3 points for a level 1 spells, but also lowers your max limit, by say 1 point for a level 1 spell. So you start with 10 mana points and you cast a level one spell, you are now down to 7 points that will regenerate up to a max of 9, level 1 spells for the sake of argument take 10 seconds to cast
  12. Nothing. Whew, I'm glad you guys are making Project: Eternity and not some of the guys on here. Edit: Hasn't it been stated that while they haven't ruled out cooldowns they are also aren't going to do it the same as everyone else does them? Hell, just sticking the cooldown at the start of the spell (as if it was a casting time) is basically the same mechanic but straight away changes things a lot. I don't know if it comes across, I'm a big fan of sticking the "cool down" at the start, it has the same function of being much easier to balance like traditional cooldowns but makes thema
  13. I actually quite like a lot of the magic mechanics described in the opening post, especially how the max 'fatigue' (or whatever name they go for in the end) permanantly goes down until rest, but does regenerate up to the max that is left. Creates a very valid reason for Inns and stuff and stops people from just drinking potions and hammering through a 500 year old dungeon without stopping. Still, I'll just throw my thoughts from the big cooldowns thread in here, why not eyh? Maybe they can mashed together for a system I would consider near perfect.
  14. Just put the cooldowns at the start of the spell, "warm-ups" if you will. You're mage stands in place casting the spell for 10, 20, however many seconds, while it is casting it is draining mana (or whatever) and it can be interupted via damage. You could also have it so before combat; possibly while resting, you can select a number of spells to 'pre-cast' so they can be instantly fired off. The amount of spells you can have ready to go straight away is dependent on how many points you put into that skill and the level of the spell prepared. Do you set-up high some high damage spells so yo
  15. Two things I will say: The Vancian system as it was in the IE games wasn't some super tactical system that rewarded planning and forethought. I barely ever had to change my spell selection. A Cooldown system feels stupid a lot of the time, like a prolonged slower paced QTE, and there often isn't any attempt to explain what exactly, lorewise, is supposed to be "cooling down" making it really... gamey.
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