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  1. This is intended. We use different resolution textures depending on minimum/maximum zoom level of the camera. Textures in paper doll need to be higher because the zoom level is increased. A bit confused is there a min/max zoom camera level that shows everything in high res like in the level up or creator screen? I keep changing the range but it always looks the same (low res with some armor exceptions as posted in the topic) despite the settings. The texture doesn't really change at all depending on the zoom level even when I save and reload. Is it the same for you or anyone else in your game? I use setzoomrange .2 1.5 and the graphic slider on max. You can easily compare the body textures of the moon godlike and see how outside of the level up screen, the markings look low res in the game when you zoom in. The thing is, you're not supposed to change the zoom setting in the config file, and to zoom that much on your character in the world. It's called optimization : you won't load a texture size of 1024px if your character is never supposed to be rendered more that, let's say, 256px in size.
  2. I up this one. Is aggrandizing radiance supposed to be limited in time, or last until the end of an encounter, as it was written in 1.03 patch notes ?
  3. Nothing about Aggrandizing Radiance still limited in time, while a previous patch note said it should last for the encounter ?
  4. Well. I'm thinking about an offensive Priest build, and Aggrandizing Radiance would be one of it's main feature, unless it's only limited in time, and not until the end of the fight : that would mean I've to spend a ****load of attributes points into Intelligence to maximise the duration of Aggrandizing Radiance, while I could spend these attribute in more fighting focused attributes (such as dex and might) if it last until a fight end. You see ? As for if it's worth right now with this bug, I don't think so.
  5. I read on another forum a guys about scrolls of revival giving a ****load of endurance, maybe it's related to your health stacking problem, maybe not.
  6. Hey, nice work on Paladin I've confidence you'll do a great job with it. I wish I had such a skill like Shake It Off in Baldur's Gate while all my mates but one were Confused/Paralysed/Stunned/etc. Concerning Orlans, they look great. But if anybody don't like their furry look, you might just consider covering them with fluff instead of fur ?
  7. Great update ! But I'm curious. Will there be any kind of items usuable during combat ? Like potions, parchments, etc. ? Concerning debate around 16:9 and 16:10, I don't know why there would be black ligns in 16:10. Juste take the higher resolution image, and make it fill your whole screen as much as it can without deformation, that mean a 16:9 slide would just be a bit croped lateraly in 16:10, and you'd just have to scroll your cam a bit to see the whole slide.
  8. How do you hold/swing a sword with both hands and also carry a shield? You didn't get my point. In Infinity engine, if you've a shield equiped and want to equip a bow, you've to go in your inventory, click on the shield, move it in your "bag", grab the bow, and put it in your weapon slot. If you want your shield back, you've to do the same thing, the other way. I would have prefer that it automaticaly move the shield in my "bag" when I equip a bow/two handed weapon.
  9. I don't want realistic stuff. I play a game to dream. I'm bored of serious business in later games. I'm good with fantasy design as far as it's not "too much" (I'm fine with "boobplates" à la PA report Cadegund concept, for exemple). Players and games forgot to dream these days.
  10. Well, I'm playing right now at Icewind Dale, and what I don't want P:E to herit from Infinity game is : - Bad pathfinding ! It's really frustrating to lose a character because he is stuck or because his mates don't let him move - I don't want to be unable to equip a two handed weapon or a bow because I wear a shield, I shouldn't have to unequip it to wear these weapons, this have to shift easily. - I don't like spells memorization. I would prefer to be able to cast everything I want as far as I've learnt it (within, maybe, a limit of spells per day per level, à la Infinity games). That's boring to face a situation where you know which spell to use and then notice you didn't memorized it.
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