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  1. I cant find the quote but in an interview they sad they were hoping, or planned up to a 15 level mega dungeon. Atleast that is what they have drawn up to with the image for it. I think it would be awesome if we could meet or exceed their expectations.
  2. saw a huge spike in backers when they showed it of... think the same tgrick could work twice? I mean if they could show some more in game screens to get this rolling towards 3.5 goal it would be awesome
  3. the paypal will run for a little bit afterwards, even if it is a shot bit, that will be extra time to hit 3.5 if we dont before the kickstarter ends
  4. i had a thread up about spreading the word on FB... sadly it got no reples and very little views
  5. I am all about 1) reaching the 3.5 million stretch goal 2) building the dungeon as big as possible 3) having obsidian make the best game they can I think a huge push on FB helps accompllsh all these goals. I been posting obsidians FB page on my FB page all week. I think if we can get everyone here atleast to share the page on their FB maybe that can help get more likes which will increase the dungeon lvl if we hit 40k likes and it will help bring PE more exposure in these last couple of days. I already got a couple of my friends in on the project. Only 3 days left and if we all make an initiative we can def reach this last stretch goal! What do you guys think? On another note, we are on level 8 for the dungeon, right? the picture still says 7 levels on the kickstarter but i dont think it has been updated since the backers hit 60k?
  6. when i first saw the image i thought the perspective was off as well actually. mostly when i look at the closest bridge. not sure if this is what he was trying to do with the lines but something about how the bridge is does seem slightly twisted. idk, regardless i am sure it is something i will get use to and i wont even notice it once i am playing.
  7. I noticed a pretty major surge in backers today, i am assuming the update today had a lot to do with it, i hope it keeps up at this pace till the kickstarter ends. if so i think we can expect 8 levels on the mega dungeon bc i am pretty confident that the facebook page is going to reach 20k likes here soon. With 8 levels i am more than hppy about that, who knows maybe even more.
  8. The mock up someone did with the characters in the screenshot looked pretty good, def gave a better idea of scale atleast
  9. i assume you cold make another donation through paypal... not sure how that works though, confirmation from an administrator on this?
  10. I also was half really wanting to see some character models or the like, but i suppose that would have been asking for a lot this early. Looking forward to what else they put out in the future weeks. Keep building up the hype even after the kickstarter ends. And i agree with whoever said it earlier that it did look a little small, but perhaps thats just a map right before you enter the dungeon where the statues are...
  11. Just wanted to get everyone's opinions on the first screenshot of the game?
  12. I am realy interested in seeing the scenery and character models they have come up with. I am guessing it is going to be 3d models over a still shot scenery?
  13. I am so excited! I did read that a screenshot was coming out today, right? What do you guys think they will be depicting?
  14. This was originally posted for if they didnt meet their original goal of $1.1 million. Since with kickstarter if the project isnt fully funded the backers get their money back, therefore the paypall money wouldnt be added to that total. but now that it is funded they will go towards the stretch goals at the end of the kickstarter
  15. i think it would be neat that if you drank too often you character would develop some kind of dependency. you know actually become addicted.
  16. Agreed, I think most of the recent stuff they have done, while i enjoy the updates and look forward to them, have been geared for those of us who are already backing the project
  17. PE is def on its way, but everything is relative. and compared to the pace that they were at consistently it has greatly decreased. I agree that the end of the kickstarter will def pick up more donations but how do you suppose projects, in general i guess, can get out of the middle slump the seems to plague most kickstarters
  18. Actually I never said that the kickstarter was unsuccessful, i think it is very successful by the simple fact that they are going to double their initial goal, while there are other projects that never even reach their goal. I also havent compared it to any other projects. I thought forums are where people can converse and invoke conversation. Some of my key questions are what do you think Obsidian can do to pick up more backers. My personal opinion is that i think they havent completely tapped into the linux potential. I know they are supporting linux, the only reason that i decided to back the project with my money, as those are the only projects i will back.
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