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  1. yea paypal is still open on their site if you wish to contribute http://eternity.obsidian.net/
  2. way to discredit their talent. If you listen to just Lindsey Sterling play and not watch the video, you should be able to at least recognize she can play, and well at that. If they played something popular at the time to launch their careers then they merely marketed their selves really well in order to gather a large fan base. Props to anyone who is able to have success with something they enjoy
  3. Ahhhhhh chutes and ladders, another classic that i remember playing with my sister actually. I dont think she was as nice as your brother, I think i lost a lot and would show it with temper tantrums... i was young though lol
  4. Dude! candyland was awesome! brings back such fond memories as a child! of course to each his/her own
  5. In my opinion, I don't think I've seen any forum where this wasn't true, so I don't see that as a very valid criticism .... depending on one's definition of "useful," of course. Is a long debate on a movie or armchair politicking useful? People like to gather together and discuss wants, likes, dislikes on stuff they're interested in. From the frivolous to the more serious. I see nothing wrong with that. And sometimes the constant exchanges of constructive disagreement is even how good ideas - or at least ideas that spark other inspiration - come about. But I would agree that developers shouldn't listen to fans to the point of giving up their own creative desires/ideas for a game. I think we need to give Obsidian more credit for being able to stay true to their own vision, while possibly still being inspired by others towards new ideas that they think fits into/with their vision. Which is pretty much what is meant by those of us (me anyways) who like to point out to some who come up with rather weird and wonderful requests on these forums, that OE can make a great game regardless of what is discussed or requested. It doesn't hurt however of course, we all know that. OP needs to understand that when we say "trust OE to make a great game" instead of validating such opinions with a 'like it's really a nice way of saying... your idea sucks... I am just saying that regardless of an idea "sucking" that doesnt mean there cant be worth while conversation that can come out of it. I mean with how much this forum is active an idea that isnt worth talking about will be buried real fast by newer topics and conversation
  6. totally going barbarian for the first run through, not sure on the race yet though since all of them have not been listed yet
  7. And that's what it comes down to. People are dumb and if you don't chastise and berate them, then they won't learn and they won't know any better. This isn't just people's opinions, these are fundamentally wrong views people have. This protecting everyone from criticism doesn't work and people advocating for this are scared of criticism. About 90% of these forums have nothing useful in them. Just people asking for random crap that no one cares about. A lot of it isn't in the spirit of old RPGs and should be criticized. Otherwise, people will think their opinions are valid. Personally, after reading these forums, I think Obsidian would be making a huge mistake trying to listen to people in these forums. That includes me I guess. Bioware fell into this trap of listening too much to their fans and that's one of the reasons they make crappy games, because their fanbase is wrong. The best RPGs were made with minimal to no feedback from consumers. And there is no reason to start listening to consumers when it's created nothing but bad communities (Bioware/Bethesda forums) and bad games. And who are you to say people's views are wrong?
  8. These guys know what they are doing. I assume a lot of us have backed them because we all have played games they have made before, and while we may have found faults within the game, we enjoyed them. They are more experienced now and i think they will only improve on the features that we love and maybe even add some ones we havent thought of. I am pretty sure they have a clear idea of what they want to do and i dont think they will be persuaded too much by what is said on the forums. Now i have no proof of this, it is only my theory. However, i am sure if they see something and they are like, "Wow, didnt think of that" then it might end up being in the game. But they started this whole project with an idea and the basis that they want to make a game based off the IE ones. That is a rather pretty specific as far as gamer design goes. But i am sure they do look to the forums and other palces for feedback on things they do announce.
  9. Dont think you are lol. Like i said in response to the comment, i never meant by mentioning the fact that i feel "old" that i was making it seem like i am mature or more mature than others or anything of the like. all is good, no worries.
  10. i know the developers do frequent these forums, but they also have an idea in mind of what they wish to accomplish with the game. With that said i find it hard to believe that the developers are taking alot of these ideas to heart. I personally see the forums as a place to talk to fellow fans who are as excited and interested in the same game/developer as me. i see it less as an area to directly suggest and communicate with the developers themselves. While it is a means to do that i just see it more as a secondary reason for the forums. and a way to back up your argument that the developers should do what they think is best depends on the topic at hand. off the top of my head something that comes to mind is the suggestion that you character should be able to turn into a dragon (a topic i believe that was posted earlier this morning, still not entirely sure if it was a troll thread or not lol) "I think the developers should just do as they see fit in this instance because the idea of being able to turn into a dragon would need to follow the plot and story that they are setting in the game as well as to make sure a mechanic like this wouldnt be over powered and a game breaker" of course this is jut an example off the top of my head, but like i said it all has to do with the context of the original post
  11. Have you read the entire thread? never said that opinion isnt ok to express. looking for people to back up their opinion so there can be better conversation all around
  12. yea... refer to my post that addresses this and one will see that my meaning was taken out of context. textual conversation can be misread easily without hearing tones and inflections in one's voice. ug so many arguments started through txts with the gf because of this...
  13. You know, I agree and disagree with you on some points. But, that post is hypocritical, sorry. You imply that the way you think makes you somewhat *older*. Said in another way *superior*. That's the kind of attidude that's part of the problem. I will take the blame for this... this was sorely taken out of context, but truth be told, perhaps i never put it into proper context. This was a statement that was made because Kymriana had said how they are getting too old, or something along those lines. So lets first define the word "Old", well that is actually hard to do since it is a relative term. In a 70 yr old persons eyes, am i old? No, my grandfather is 70 and he still calls me a young buck. In a teenagers eyes am I old? probably not because their parents are older than I am. In my eyes am I old? well considering my Bday is coming up and I rather not think about, sure i am. This comment was never meant as "I am superior in thinking due to my age". It was merely a thought that came to mind after someone else had mentioned age. Not only that but i remember a couple of weeks ago when there was the poll asking about everyone's ages on here. Which brings us to my statement,"I have a feeling there is a good bit of us "older" people on here..." I actually think i am in the norm, if i remember correctly. And if so that means, in my eyes, exactly what i said... i think there is a good bit of us older people on the forum. So there is a good chance you and I are of similar ages, perhaps not though.
  14. If you think something is a bad idea, then yes you should speak against, but should also explain why you dont agree with the original idea. and as far as "if you dont comment you agree" theory... well the thing on a forum as active as this one is that if no one comments on a thread that they think it "dumb" then that thread will just end up being buried and you wont have to worry about it anyway. But that also defeats the purpose of an open forum. Why not speak out against something you don't agree with. Backing up your opinion is all this thread is talking about
  15. But I'm afraid you demonstrated nothing. How does Obsidian asking for opinions make an opinion invalid? "let Obsidian make the game they want" is a perfect response to Obsidian asking about opinions. It means "I trust you and believe that the game will be better if you develop it the way you indended." Furthermore, why would saying "let Obsidian make the game they want" automatically mean that you don't want someone to "talk about a given feature?". If I say it, I don't mind that the discussion continues after that. I stated my opinion. That's all I wanted to do. You are right here. But many times it doesnt end with that, a lot of times that quote is followed with something that is attacking the OP. Which ends up not being constructive. By starting this thread i was merely trying to bring some awareness to trends i saw on the forums recently is all.
  16. I think it's this - When someone creates a thread (or posts in a thread) advocating for their own personal tastes in what should (or should not) be in a game, acceptable (read: productive, in the spirit of the forum, worthwhile) responses can range from "Yes, I need this" to "don't care if this is in or not" to "For the love of all that is holy, don't include this!", as well as "this is how I'd like to see it" to "okay if like A, not okay if like B" to "it is always bad - examples C-F"... but what OP is saying (and I tend to agree with) is that the response to every suggestion being "don't ask for that thing!" to "let Obsidian make the game they want!" to "I sure hope Obsidian DOESN'T listen to the forums at all!" are all against the spirit of the forums. Disagreeing with a suggested feature is not only okay, but encouraged. Disagreeing with features being suggested, however, is not okay. See the difference? Also written much better than i probably could lol
  17. Honestly couldnt have put it any better. It is perfectly ok to disagree. Thats is actually what makes conversation exciting and engaging. It wouldnt be much of a conversation if we all agreed on the same thing. Just like if someone doesnt agree with what i posted. I value your opinion, but i would also like to know why it is not agreed with. That way i can better understand where you are coming from. I already know what i like so it is interesting to know what others think and like as well. I just prefer conversation on the forums that has something to offer. Something that might make me think about my own opinion and maybe think twice, even if afterwards i still dont agree, it made me think. But hey, thats just how i like things
  18. I have to be honest. A forum is suppose to be about discussion. I always try and bring something to the discussion when i reply to a thread or make a thread. Any thread i make i try and make sure it is a "conversation starter". But people need to understand that when you are a in a forum, a community essentially, people are going to have their own opinions... and thats OK. So many threads get started because they have an opinion about something that they wouldnt mind seeing in the game, or a said feature that they would be happy to see. And thats OK. So many people's first response to threads like these are, "No i dont agree, just let Obsidian make the game the way they want." I can understand this sentiment, however a forum is meant for discussion. Especially when you are in the section labeled "General Discussion". These people who make these threads arent saying that Obsidian shouldnt make the game they want, they are merely making a suggestion that they like and think maybe others might like as well. Anyway I know posting this thread isnt going to change anyone's responses to these threads, but I felt the need to rant about it. Why? Because i suppose it is a release for me... As i stated earlier i like to make thought provoking and discussion oriented threads so, as usual your opinions are always welcome.
  19. It was already said it will be streamed or recorded in some way, since after all it was apart of the stretch goal
  20. I actually wonder how long it will take to get some kind of screen shot of a character model. Or perhaps a video of the environment in motion (water flowing, shadows, maybe trees swaying) would come out before a character model is released
  21. at this point i am content with 15, that was the goal i wanted us to reach and we did... satisfied here!
  22. it just all started as a joke between an AMA and the interviews. On the AMA though someone asked Tim Cain how he felt about the fact Chris hasnt played the game. Then it came to the discussion that Chris should play it if we reached "X" amount of dollars...
  23. the kickstarter update says 14 levels, but really it should be 15
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