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  1. I have noticed that the kickstarter has slowed down drastically, relatively speaking of course. It has slowed to probably about $25k a day now, compared to when it was making $100k and then $50k a day. With the kickstarter being half way done how much more do you think the kickstarter will garner? What can be done to either get new backers or to get people to up their donations? Personally , as a linux user, i think there needs to be more publicity in the linux crowd. More interviews maybe done on some linux gaming websites, or omgubuntu should do some kind of article on PE, or even some linux youtube channels putting out the news about PE. The humble indie bundle proves that linux users are willing to pay and back projects that are willing to be native on linux. Heck even kickstarter is a proven fact of that. I am putting so much emphasis on the linux people because i believe that is the biggest potential currently that PE has to up their donations. Do you guys think there are any announcements that could get more backers and interest?
  2. 26 and FF VI, but if we are going this style rpg then baldur's Gate bc its what got me hooked on PC rpg's and the like
  3. I hope the devs do not put this in and actually make ugly looking armor that has the best stats in the game, i am talking mismathec colors... maybe some pok-a-dots or leopard print, who knows. But seriously I dont mind if it were there in crafting, i like the idea of alot of freedom when crafting an item like the moderator suggested.
  4. To follow up on this, i dont know if it has been done before as the last cRPG i played was BG and that was so long ago i dont even remember the xp system, but if you got rewarded more for playing the game within your class. So if you are a thief and you complete a quest by being more stealthy and "thiefy" (i dont know, help me out here guys lol) you get more experience than if you just went in and battled like a fighter. Still get xp but since it was outside the character of your chosen class its less. Idk i think one should decide the way they want to play by the choice of their class, atleast thats what i do... your guy's thoughts?
  5. If it is all scaled and the same ratio, i dont understand the need for it all to be larger. Like if leveling at lvl 2 is 1000 xp and completing a quest gives you 100 xp, whats the difference if it is 10000xp for lvl 2 and completing a quest gives you 1000xp. Its all the same...
  6. Agreed, dont see why people seem to get offended so quickly when there is no need
  7. Hmm...2/10 I'd say. If you're serious, then you're an idiot. Really dude? I asked if anyone had an idea of the time it is normally posted, assuming there is one...
  8. No i knew they were on the west coast and all, thats why i was asking if anyone knew what time they usually release their updates. I am on the east coast so I am 3 hours ahead, just was hoping for the update sooner rather than later lol
  9. I was just wondering where the big update was that they said they would be releasing on the 24th. Like what they are replacing the linux goal with since they are already going to make it for linux. Does anyone know about waht time of day they been doing the updates. I mean where i am at it is 4pm already.
  10. So as a Linux user, this update is what got me to pledge and support them with my money. I try to support all companies that are willing to work with linux and support it. Yes, i know Linux was a stretch goal, but at $600k more than the mac support i was kind if a bit ticked off. This announcement remedied all ill feelings. I just couldnt understand the need for $600K more in order to support linux. I am not excited and they just got a new backer!
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